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Injury News:

The Fiesta Bowl showdown with the Golden Domers is only a week away and the Buckeyes have let that pesky injury bug into the locker room.  News broke recently that supposed starter, Tommy Schutt has been battling an unspecified foot injury for the past few weeks.  Now the team doctors have finally identified the problem.  Tommy Schutt has been diagnosed with a broken foot and is now officially out of the Fiesta Bowl.  He is ending his Ohio State career with what is essentially a season ending injury, but if it is any consolation, he will be more than fine in the long run.

Brax Sighting ?:

Will we have the privilege of seeing a Braxton Miller filled game plan?  I sure hope so.  I would love to see Miller light up Nortre Dame’s defense and cap off his Buckeye career with a resounding and convincing win.  With the Fiesta Bowl being the venue of his last career game, I feel like the coaches will try to highlight their outbound players in some manner to reward them for their loyalty and their commitment to the program.  With the draft coming within the next few months, I feel like they are just foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to finish their season.  I feel like there will be a few newer wrinkles to both the offense and the defense.  I am hopeful that they will find a way to get everyone, including Braxton Miller to get involved.

Recruiting News:

Well the Buckeyes lost out on a couple of prominently known defensive lineman over the last two weeks.  Dexter Lawrence from North Carolina committed to the Clemson Tigers and Antwuan Jackson from Georgia committed to Auburn.  These are huge losses in the recruiting trail, but the Buckeyes still are in the running for a few highly sought after defensive lineman.  Louisiana’s Rashard Lawrence, New Jersey’s Rashan Gary and Georgia’s Tyler Clark.  If none of these names end up a Buckeye commitment, then it is certainly not the end of the world.  The Buckeyes have more than enough talent and playmakers to occupy those positions or potentially man them at a high level to keep the Buckeyes afloat.  There aren’t that many spots left in this years class.  There is approximately 5-8 spots left and there can be as many as 10 depending on which underclassmen choose to do in regards to leaving early for this years draft.  It is nothing official and mostly guess work, but you can say that the end of this recruiting year will and should end in spectacular fashion.  Expect fireworks.


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