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They’re Coming:

Well Buckeye faithful, it is now officially Sparty Week.  In a few days, four more days to be exact, Coach Urban Meyer and company will welcome Sparty into our beloved city for a battle.  Sparty does not need the Trojan Horse to penetrate our stadium, but make no jokes about it, this one?  WILL BE A WAR!!!  Former Buckeye Assistant Coach Dantonio with look to secure yet another upset over Urban Meyer and not to mention he looks to return back to his old stomping grounds.  This will be a battle until the end and I am hoping and I am praying that we come out victorious, but there is no such thing in College Football.

The Buckeyes had their tune-up against a flailing Illinois squad who gave them fits.  Although it was another sloppy game, I feel that they needed more of a resounding victory to boost their confidence for the meat of their schedule.  Alas, a win is a win, no matter how ugly it was to watch.  I am confident that even though the offense struggles, the defense will be there to bail them out.

All in all, I am predicting that the Buckeyes will defeat the Spartans in the Shoe.  Another UGLY, TIGHTLY CONTESTED GAME.  The young guns will step up for their Seniors on Senior Day.  Part of me hopes that since it is Senior Day, the Buckeyes will be extra motivated to secure their spot in the College Football Playoffs, but it is just wishful thinking.  Buckeye Seniors and NFL Draft eligible players like King Shrug, Joey Bosa will be zeroing in on their last game in the Shoe.  They will be looking to win one last home game before they depart to the NFL.

The Spartans still have a great defense and it will be interesting to see what they have in store for J.T. Barrett and company on offense.  Vonn Bell and the hounds on defense will be ready for Connor Cook.  I have a sense that although the Buckeyes won at East Lansing last season, there is still a lingering chip on their shoulders after taking that loss in the Big Ten Championship game.  Go Bucks!!!

Primetime Recruiting Extravaganza:

I am not going to even try to list the names of the recruits who are coming to see these two titans clash once again.  It would be ridiculous, but there are a ton of elite talent that are headed to the Shoe to watch.  This will be Urban Meyer’s equivalent to the well known “Friday Night Lights” but without being a night game.  Kickoff will be at 3:30 ET and if you’re like me, overseas, you have to stay up a little later that you wanted to.  WHY NOT?!?  I am hoping that a couple of recruits who weren’t able to make it like, New Jerseys own, Jordan Fuller tune in whenever possible.  Fuller will be unable to attend due to his team being 10-0 and chasing a state title.  I am hoping for some good news, but I don’t expect it.  But anything can happen.

Attack on Paris:

First off, you are all entitled to your own opinion and you are all granted that right, but it looks like ISIS is in it for the long haul.  Attacking America’s longest reigning ally in France.  That is horrible and to have been the victim of such a vicious attack, I can only send prayers out to them.  It will be interesting to see what big brother U.S.A. would say to assist with this matter.  Oh and although I have mentioned this, it doesn’t mean that I only care about this event.  I am in the military and I flat out refuse to pay attention to those talking heads that only care about ratings.  I don’t watch the news because it’s nothing but stupid things.  Blah blah blah.  I only found out after I got to work and it was already on.



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