10 Unnecessary Overreactions to the Buckeye’s Week 1

By: Ryan Black

After a roller coaster first half, the Buckeyes strutted out of Blacksburg feeling more swagger than Rounda Rousey after knocking some chick into next Tuesday.

Ohio State started off with a haymaker and went up by 14 before the scrappy Hokies got up after a 9 count and took a 17-14 lead with some misdirection plays.

There’s nothing better than a hot take after one week. So instead of seeing how the rest of the Buckeyes schedule takes form, let’s get wild and make some unnecessary statements based off the first game.

Here are 10 Unnecessary Overreactions


  1. Virginia Tech is not a Top 25 Team

Hot take: I expected the talent level of both team’s starters to be closer than any other game on the schedule for Ohio State (save MSU) on Monday. Wasn’t really the case.

Tech had solid offensive and defensive lines but the safeties, linebackers, and skill position players were very generic.


  1. Cardale is the starter the rest of the season.

Hot take: I was on #TEAMJONES all offseason and happily resigned myself to JT getting the start.

Either way OSU was in great shape but Cardale can flick the ball downfield 50 yards in a split second and will probably earn himself a 1st round draft grade, something an OSU QB hasn’t seen in decades.

And Dale rushed for 100 yards against a top 5 defense, something he’s not getting enough credit for.


  1. Ohio State should not let other teams dictate their play calling.

Hot take: Urban mentioned in an interview but I don’t care how many guys are on the line of scrimmage,  Zeke Elliott needs more than 3 carries in a half.

He showed with an 80 yard burst that nobody can catch him from behind. I’m taking 2 or 3 negative plays for the high reward he brings.


  1. Virginia Tech’s first two touchdowns were well drawn up but flukish.

Hot take: I’m not too worried (yet) about the two tds the starters gave up on Monday. They were both fool me once type plays that should be easy to clean up…

Oh and those long developing plays will become a little harder against the Bucks this week…



  1. Sam Hubbard is a future 1st round pick.

Hot take: Ahh, my personal favorite kind of overreaction. Every fanbase think their stud freshmen is a future first rounder.

But only Buckeye fans are right. #Burn


  1. Michael Thomas is the best all around Buckeye receiver since David Boston

Hot take: Uh oh, getting really hot in here now.

Jenkins, Holmes, Smith, Ginn, Gonzales, Sanzenbacher, Posey etc…

Thomas may not have the numbers of these guys (due to so much talent around him) but if these 7 created a love child it would be Thomas.


  1. Mike Weber needs to come back fast.

Hot take: Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball are not elite running backs.

If (god forbid) something does happen to Ezekiel Elliott, the Bucks could be in trouble.

Mike Weber or Curtis Samuel should immediately be moved to the starting role.


  1. Ohio State’s special teams is worrisome.

Hot take: Kickoffs out of bounds, missed field goals, dropped punts… I’ve seen those before.

These 3 things were brutal last year and keeps lesser opponents in games.


  1. The Rookie WR’s weren’t ready.

Hot take: Cambpell, Clark and Mclaurin didn’t make much of an impact and that’s ok. Corey Smith, Dontre Wilson and Jailin Marshall will be back this Saturday.

Keep learning young guns.


  1. Doran Grant will not be missed.

Hot take: One of my all time favorite corners helped win Ohio State the national title last year and his absence left a huge void in the starting lineup this season.

In stepped Gareon Conley, who struggled in limited action last season-He may have looked like the best player on the defense Monday night. A great sign for the rest of the season.


  1. Braxton Miller is Ohio State’s Percy Harvin

Hot take: Every year since Urban arrived at OSU, a player has received this stigma but this year it may finally come to fruition.

Holy hell that boy has some moves.



  1. Braxton (or as I like to call him, B MagiC) is the truth. I knew he would make a difference and maybe even draw enough attention to lose Zeke the Heisman. But I never imagined that he would be so remarkable that a Heisman would be a possibility for him as well.

    Hot Take #11: Ohio State will have TWO Heisman finalists in New York this year.

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