MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 10

It’s November we gained an extra hour of sleep so we can feel well rested while watching some great games coming up this month. Rumor has it might be a pretty big one this weekend, big enough to lure that four letter network to do their college football show from a B1G campus. The Big Ten now has seven bowl eligible teams.

1. Michigan State (7-1,4-0) The B1G Champs are coming off a bye well rested and well coached going to be a tough Sparty team to beat in East Lansing for the Buckeyes
Last Week: #1
Next Game: Ohio State

2. Ohio State (7-1,4-0) Buckeyes tie their consecutive conference win record at 20 in a row, win number 21 will be a tall order facing Sparty in East Lansing. This could be the biggest conference game of the season including the championship game.
Last Week: #2
Next Game: @Michigan State

3. Nebraska (8-1,3-1) Adullah gets hurt and the Cornhuskers keep rolling, this is the perfect week for a bye
Last Week: #3
Next Game: Bye

4. Wisconsin (6-2,3-1) The Badgers look like they are starting to roll after shutting out the Scarlet Knights. QB Stave only had 81 yards passing but the running back duo of Gordon and Clement had 259 yards.
Last Week: #4
Next Game: @Purdue

5. Iowa (6-2,3-1) The Hawkeyes are another team looking like they might be putting it together to make their push for the West division spot in the B1G Championship game.
Last Week: #7
Next Game: @Minnesota

6. Maryland (6-2,3-1) The Terps kick a field goal with less than a minute left in the game to win in a hostile Happy Valley. Maryland becomes bowl eligible in their first year in the B1G.
Last Week: #6
Next Game: Bye

7. Minnesota (6-2,3-1) After a week of licking their wounds the Gophers look to bounce back and take some charge in the mess up top of the West division.
Last Week: #5
Next Game: Iowa

8. Rutgers (5-4,1-4) The Scarlet Knights have really been struggling in B1G play their lone loss coming against TTUN. They only need one more win to become bowl eligible and they will have to wait two weeks to see if its possible.
Last Week: #8
Next Game: Bye

9. Northwestern (3-5,2-3) Getting thumped by Iowa and their ground game wasn’t fun for the Wildcats but look for a bounce back game as they struggle to try to become bowl eligible.
Last Week: #9
Next Game: Michigan

10. Penn State (4-4,1-4) Back to back losses in Happy Valley never a good thing for the Nittany Lions, maybe a road game will help them straighten things out but injuries are really showing their lack of depth issues.
Last Week: #10
Next Game: @Indiana

11. Michigan (4-5,2-3) The Wolverines are really just playing out the rest of the season for pride. Athletic director Dave Brandon resigned and now its looking more and more like Brady Hoke is just a lame duck coach in his final month as the head coach in Ann Arbor
Last Week: #13
Next Game: @Northwestern

12. Purdue (3-6,1-4) The Boilermakers have so much more work to do to improve and injuries are mounting up.
Last Week: #11
Next Game: Wisconsin

13. Illinois (4-5,1-4) The thumping the Fighting Illini took from the Buckeyes isn’t helping Tim Beckman look comfortable saving his job this season.
Last Week: #12
Next Game: Iowa

14. Indiana (3-5,0-4) The Hoosiers remain the only team to not win a conference game and they beat the runner up SEC champs Missouri seems strange doesn’t it. Take that four letter network.
Last Week: #14
Next Game: Penn State

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