MotSaG B1G Power Poll Week 8

The byes just won’t stop!!! Hey I know the kids need a break and get some of those injuries taken care of and we will soon have a full slate of Big Ten games going on. Currently there seems to be a Top 4 (in the B1G) still in the college playoff picture. In reality it might come down to the winner of Michigan State and Ohio State but Nebraska and Minnesota have an outside chance but they still have a chance. Many college football teams watched their chances fall by the wayside this weekend like Iowa, Rutgers, and some non B1G like Oklahoma.

1. Michigan State (6-1,3-0) They didn’t let Indiana feel comfortable in the game for long. Sparty put the Hoosiers away with ironically the same exact score that OSU had against Rutgers.
Last Week: #1
Next Game: Michigan

2. Ohio State (5-1,2-0) The Buckeyes welcomed the two newcomers (Maryland and Rutgers) to the B1G in a big way. After the VT loss OSU is averaging over 50 points a game and look like they are improving week to week. Nov. 8th is getting closer and looming larger as long as both teams stay focused until then.
Last Week: #2
Next Game: @Penn State

3. Nebraska (6-1,2-1) The Cornhuskers showed the Wildcats they still aren’t a top tier team in the conference yet and Abdullah is the man and Tommy Armstrong looked good Saturday.
Last Week: #3
Next Week: Rutgers

4. Minnesota (6-1,3-0) The Gophers squeaked by a much improved Purdue team. Buckeye fans remember even a one point win is a win.
Last Week: #5
Next Week: @Illinois

5. Maryland (5-2,2-1) The Terps bounce back from the Buckeye beating to crush Iowa’s playoff hopes.
Last Week: #9
Next Week: @Wisconsin

6. Wisconsin (4-2,1-1) Coming off a bye to play Maryland hoping they have their QB situation figured out.
Last Week: #8
Next Week: Maryland

7. Iowa (5-2,2-1) The Hawkeyes waved goodbye to their playoff chances with their loss to Maryland Saturday. They seem to be a Jekyll and Hyde team this season.
Last Week: #4
Next Week: Bye

8. Rutgers (5-2,1-2) The Scarlet Knight received a rude introduction to the Horseshoe Saturday and a thumping. The Buckeyes showed no mercy to the newcomers and Rutgers walked out of Columbus no getting a sack, an amazing stat.
Last Week: #6
Next Game: @Nebraska

9. Northwestern (3-4,2-2) After the hot conference start for the Wildcats they have been cooled off with back to back losses.
Last Week: #7
Next Game: Bye

10. Purdue (3-5,1-3) Oh so close Boilermakers!!! Almost pulling off the upset, Purdue is heading in the right direction even though looking at the record it is hard to tell.
Last Week: #10
Next Week: Bye

11. Penn State (4-2,1-2) The Nittnay Lions will be hoping that during their bye week they are able to patch up that horrific offensive line before the Buckeye visit this Saturday.
Last Week: #11
Next Week Ohio State

12. Michigan (3-4,1-2) The good no one has been fired yet and the Wolverines haven’t lost back to back weeks this season (thank god for the bye). The bad they have to visit little sister and one week isn’t enough to fix their offensive line that Sparty will feast on.
Last Week: #12
Next Week: @Michigan State

13. Indiana (3-4,0-3) It’s going to be a long season for the Hoosiers and having to burn a redshirt for a QB didn’t help matters.
Last Week: #13
Next Week: Bye

14. Illinois (3-4,0-3) The Tim Beckman watch is on. I am sure moving companies are calling him offering him their services.
Last Week: #14
Next Week: Minnesota

As always I look forward to hearing from you.

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