A to Z- 2014 Buckeyes So Far- Part 1



By: Ryan Black


Yes that is a picture of The Letter People. If you don’t know them then you grew up in Michigan where they don’t allow awesomeness. I sadly had to google the letters of the alphabet to make sure I had the correct order, I am getting really dumb.

We’re 25% through the season so here are some of my pointless thoughts about the Bucks to feed .01% of your empty stomach during a bye week.

Apple isn’t poisoned: Eli Apple maybe a little green πŸ˜‰ but he is ready to play. The redshirt freshmen had his ups and downs against VA Tech but his athletic ability and nose for the ball should give all Buckeye fans a tingly feeling down low.

Ball and Brionte are afterthoughts: Hate to write kids off after three games but Ohio State has three running backs and two H backs who will carry the ball. Warren Ball and Brionte Dunn will have to wait another year, at least. With more talent coming in, the light at the end of the tunnel is drifting further away for these talented backs.

Catch the ball Corey: In one of the most frustrating games in a long time against the Hokies, Corey Smith had trouble catching the ball in big situations. I think he’ll be fine. He and Michael Thomas seem to be the best at getting consistently open on the team right now. Don’t give up on the speedster yet; it’s way too soon.

Damn last year’s offensive line was legit: Three draft picks-Two rookie starters (good ones at that) and a second stringer. A case could be made that 2013 was one of the best fat guy units in Ohio State history.

Everybody plays against Kent State: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many freshmen on the field during an Ohio State game than I did last Saturday. The great news is hardly any of them played like an 18/19 year old.

Finally some short passes: Almost two weeks later and I’m still not over it. The VA Tech gameplan really got my panties in a bunch with nothing but deep bombs called. At least OSU showed against the mighty Flashes that they do have an effective short passing game but boy oh boy was it a week late.

Golly G. do I miss Gordon Gee: With the dismissal of the band director for some college style fun (and some other issues he was starting to stifle), I’m already over new boy. I also highly doubt President Drake will ever play beer pong with me πŸ™ .

Holding damnit!: The Ohio State defensive line has been held by the opponents offensive line 201 times this year with very few penalties called. 201 is the amount of plays that have been run against the Buckeye defense this year so I maybe a little biased but these guys do get grabbed more than Budweisers at a Biker bar.

I am in like with Joey Bosa: Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with my wife but if Joey Bosa asked me to go out on a date to play video games and go to a rave…. I would see where the night takes me.

Just run the ball!: The coaches seem to have a lot of faith in the freshmen Q.B., which is great. I still think there is too much talent in the backfield for J.T. to throw 25-30 times a game. It’s like the football gods are paying us haters back for complaining about Jim Bollman never throwing the ball for a decade.

Kicking is an issue: I was very excited to see that OSU had a fat kicker straight off the submarine from Germany (or Kentucky) in the spring. Since then Sean Nuernberger has lost some weight and struggled with his accuracy. I believe he will be a good one in a year or two but he will be put in some very tough spots in close games this year, which won’t be good. Bring back the fat son.

Lee is the next one: Darron Lee has been studly through three games. He looks like Shazier did at the end of his freshmen season and is well on his way to being the next great linebacker at Ohio State.

Mom I need money:  I bet my life savings ($147 and a Playstation 2) on Braxton to win the Heisman a few weeks ago. Now I’m not saying he’s out of the race just yet but there’s an off chance that I may need some financial help in the near future mommy.



See you next week for part 2; I’ll be binge watching The Letter People since bye weeks are so freaking boring.




  1. I am in like with this post. Can’t wait to see it’s twin.


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