Friday Open Thread: Kent State

osuHelmetThe season must go on, even after the bitter disappointment of a horrible showing against Virginia Tech in Primetime last Saturday night. The Buckeyes as a team are moving forward, trying to fix what went wrong and still prepare for a challenging Big Ten season. That road to recovery starts tomorrow against Kent State.

Ronnie, who has been on a tear for us recently not only profiled the players to watch on both sides of the ball, but also brought the preview knowledge that you need to watch this game with eyes wide open. The season is still very much salvageable, and it starts with a convincing win over Kent State. Ronnie predicts we’ll see Ohio State try to establish a running game early:

On offense expect to see a healthy dose of the run early on. This won’t be because Herman wants to play conservative versus a MAC opponent, but because the offense has yet to establish its power inside running style against an opponent. Carries will be divided among several running backs and h-backs, but there will be lots of carries early on to get the offense in a groove. The Buckeyes desperately need a feature back to step up so expect to see Ezekiel Elliott get plenty of touches and opportunities to earn that privilege.

Jacob took a look at the game as well and had a few strident things to say about Corey Smith (can’t disagree there)

Our guys casted a pod that you might find informative, entertaining and funny. You should check it out (and subscribe in iTunes, if you haven’t already).

No funny stuff this week with the Open thread. Just give us your thoughts on this week’s game and what you think the final score will be:

I say Ohio State works out some frustrations on Kent State and is up by a sizeable lead by halftime:

Ohio State: 52
Kent State: 9

We’ve also got a new poll, as well:

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  1. ohio state 38 kent state: 13. Not enough to get us to feel great about this team, maybe enough to ask the guy in front of you on the bandwagon to hold your spot for a few weeks.

  2. ugg i know. I hope we come out like we want to be there for a noon home game for once. No reason to not be hungry

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