Ohio State Vs. Kent State: A Second Look

Ohio State vs. Kent State Preview

Last week was a tragedy. All my predictions about Ohio State were dead wrong. The only prediction I got right was stating that Michael Brewer needed to play great for the Hokies to win, which he did. This week the Buckeyes play Kent State and this week looks to be different.

Quick Rant: Before we start the preview, I would like to get something off my chest. I do not blame the poor secondary, or the poor offensive line performance for this loss. I look at the poor by WR Corey Smith. While Herman had questionable play calling all night, there were several times Smith was the focal point of the deep ball throws. Smith dropped a touchdown pass; that drive resulted in a missed field goal. He also had several deep balls that were put right in his hands to make a play and he failed. I question why it was Corey Smith was getting the deep ball looks and not senior Devin Smith. With that said Corey Smith had a chance to make plays and failed to do so. While I am not suggesting it is Corey Smith’s fault the Buckeyes loss, I do question why a junior college transfer is getting looks over a senior wide receiver, Devin Smith, who has proven to make the deep ball play.

When Kent State is on Offense: The Golden Flashes of Kent State are pretty young on the offensive side of the ball, only having three upperclassmen on the starting side of the ball. That does not stop them from passing the ball a lot. Sophomore quarterback Colin Reardon has thrown the ball eighty-one times this season already. This Ohio State secondary will get plenty of work this week. Reardon averages less than six yards per attempt. The Golden Flashes will go as he goes. The offensive line for the Golden Flashes will need to play the game of their lives this week; they have already allowed four sacks this season. I expect Reardon to have a lot of quick passes and quick screens this week. The running backs do not see a lot of work. Sophomore Nick Holley leads the Golden Flashes with nineteen rushing attempts, also has fifty three rushing yards and zero touchdowns. Reardon likes to spread the ball around; leading receiver Ernest Calhoun has fourteen receptions. While the Golden Flashes have not put up any big numbers, I would not count them out to keep the game close in the first quarter.

When Ohio State is on Offense: This section will be short and sweet. I expect this Buckeye offense to come out and do whatever they want. Many will see that the Golden Flashes have forced four turnovers, but that came all against the Ohio Bobcats and all were forced fumbles. The credit I will give to this Golden Flashes defense does not give up a lot of points. Kent State plays the bend but don’t break kind of defense. Navy played the similar style, but that did not last long and Navy had better athletes than Kent State does. Again while I expect the Buckeyes to do whatever they want, I expect the Buckeyes to be very physical and run the ball a lot. I also expect JT Barrett to get some throws to help rebuild his conference.

Kent State NFL Potential: I currently do not see any NFL talent on the Golden Flashes roster, but there is a guy I think has a shot. Casey Pierce is a TE for the Golden Flashes. He is six foot four inches and two hundred and thirty-five pounds. He has only played tight end for a few years, but I think he has raw enough talent to get a shot to get invited to a mini camp.

Buckeye to Watch: I am very excited to watch Noah Spence this week. Spence missed two games because of a suspension. I expect Spence to come out and have a big game. Especially against a Kent State offensive line who seems to get pushed around a lot.

Bottom Line: Ohio State comes out with a huge chip on their shoulder and wins big. JT Barrett has a huge day, along with a defense that is desperate to prove something.

Weekly Getting SEC Fans Worked Up About the Truth: While many SEC fans are probably sitting and laughing at the Big Ten, we will not mention the fact that the whole SEC conference played nobody’s this past week. Why don’t we talk about South Carolina? If Ohio State or any Big Ten team for that matter, went out and got embarrassed in their home opener and then barely beat a weak East Carolina team. Ohio State, or any Big Ten school, would have started in the top ten and then by the second week played like that; we would have dropped faster than a bag of bricks out of the rankings. We also would have been the laughing stock of the country; I mean could we have anymore bias in the polls? South Carolina clearly is getting the benefit of being in the SEC. South Carolina allowed a receiver, from East Carolina or also referred to as “wide receiver U”, to have over hundred and thirty yards. How is that possible in the mighty SEC? South Carolina reminds a lot of the guy who you work with, and the only reason he gets any recognition is because the CEO is his uncle. South Carolina is as good as the Little Giants were, in the beginning of the movie before they get Icebox.


  1. I think Smith was thrown to so much last week because he did a great job getting open which most others won’t. Let’s hope it was rookie jitters since he was a JUCO. I expect big things from him from now on.

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