Week Six Open Thread

FootballWe haven’t done one of these in a while, but here’s an open thread to chat about the football played up until the game of the century of the week.

You can refer to Jason’s TV Guide, but here’s a smattering of today’s football spread:

Noon – Maryland at Florida State
3:30pm – Georgia Tech at Miami (FL)
8:00pm -Ohio State at Northwestern
10:30pm – Washington at Stanford


  1. I guess mine isn’t getting posted …

  2. LOL @ PSU…

    I think I hate them worse than UM at this point.

    And Indiana is a damn good offense. Too bad they didn’t show up vs. Missouri. But yeah…Indiana laying the wood to Penn State and their smug, circle the wagons and cover up child rape culture. I hope the entire Penn State football team falls off a mountain.

  3. Maryland is terrible.

  4. Also regarding PSU….


  5. Can the trainer for Apollo Creed please throw in the towel for Jerry Kill already?

  6. Michigan just seems very, very average.

  7. Indiana’s program just seems like it’s on the right track…I’m mildly happy for them.

    Penn State is not a very good football team and I couldn’t be more happy. Such a self righteous fan base, group of players and coaches.

    Michigan is full of mediocrity. And their QB is overrated trash.

  8. So just for the record, if Tennessee pulls off the upset, they don’t get to say “that’s the tough SEC”. Tennessee has been exposed as a terrible team and if they beat UGA, that’s an indictment of both UGA and the SEC.

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