MotSaG Top 25 Poll- Week 2

Week 2 was kind of fun, no? There was quite a lot of movers this week. None bigger than Michigan which jumped up into the top 10 this week after 2 pretty impressive home wins. More on them later and everyone else as well. Here is my top 25 for this week.

1.) Clemson
2.) Alabama
3.) Ohio State
4.) Oregon
5.) Stanford
6.) Louisville
7.) Florida State
8.) Michigan
9.) LSU
10.) Oklahoma State
11.) Texas A&M
12.) Wisconsin
13.) Northwestern
14.) Oklahoma
15.) Miami Hurricanes
16.) Georgia
17.) South Carolina
18.) Florida
19.) Nebraska
20.) UCLA
21.) Baylor
22.) Michigan State
23.) Washington
24.) Notre Dame
25.) Tennessee

– Lets start with Michigan they had an impressive first 2 weeks. Devin Gardner is everything thier fans had said he would be. The only real issue for him is INTs which are still haunting him but the rest of his play has overcome that area of concern so far. The real question is which is more surprising how well their offense did vs. a great ND defense or how many points the Michigan Defense gave up to a bad ND offense?

– Texas dropped out of the poll this week because if they are a top 25 team then BYU is a National Championship caliber team. BYU destroyed Texas in every aspect of the game.

– Tennessee enters the top 25 for the first time in forever. Sure their two opponents are abysmal and we will know for sure how good they are next week when they visit Oregon.

– I don’t know when I ever had this many 1 loss teams in the top 25 in week 2 ever before. Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Notre Dame all managed to stay in the top 25 because they lost to ranked opponents.

– SEC as I expected are already knocking their own teams out of the NCG conversation. Three teams ranked in the top 10 pre-season poll already have losses. Bama vs TAMU next week will add one more to the list of teams pretty much out of it before the B1G even starts conference play.

– As of today I would say the ACC is on top of conference rankings with 2 teams already upsetting 2 top tier SEC teams.

– B1G is next with OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Northwestern looking dominating so far and add in Nebraska and MSU it is pretty impressive.

– SEC is falling to third place early in the season and wont have many chances to improve their standings until the Bowl Season since they dont play many big OOC games and lost the ones they did.

– PAC 12 is very close to being 3rd at this point with Oregon and Stanford but the rest of the conference is pedestrian at best.

– The Big 12 took a big hit when Texas got humiliated. Ok St. looked avg. at best against UTSA and Oklahoma barely beat a bad WVU at home.

– AAC has Louisville…. that is it.

Until next week that is my Top 25 what do you think? What would you change? let me know in the comments thanks.

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