Friday Open Thread: Buffalo

osuHelmetIt’s almost here: we are less than twenty-four hours from kick-off in the beloved ‘Shoe. Yours and my 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes will begin their pursuit of a National Championship begins NOW.

On Fridays during the season, we will be holding these “Open Threads” where we’d love to hear your thoughts. We want to hear your prediction for the final outcome, which players you’ll be watching, what kind of things you’d like to see. We want to foster a community discussion about the up coming game and hear from you, our readers, and what you’re thinking about

We had a chance to chat with another fellow college football blogger at UB Bull Run, Ronnie looked at which players would be the most interesting to watch, Chip listed some things he’ll be interested in seeing during the game and lastly, we previewed the game. Jeremiah thinks we win 52-6. What do you think?

So hit the jump, watch that excellent Leadership video Ohio State Football put out, tell us your thoughts on the game, AND GO BUCKS!

(Yes, you’ve seen that already. Just watch it again. And again and….)


  1. I am changing my 52-6 score to ….. 4998 to -2 after watching that video 25 times.

  2. Well, I’ve examined all the evidence, looked at game film and rosters and I hate to say it but I think it’s going to be a close one.

    OSU 66 Buffalo 12

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