Another Buckeye Career over due to injury?

In what seems to have become an epidemic at this point it seems a 3rd Buckeye this week has had their career as a Buckeye football player come to an end. Earlier this week we reported that Adam Griffin and Jamie Wood have had career ending injuries.

Now news is starting to come out that Blake Thomas a Redshirt Freshman from Cleveland, Ohio has also had his career end due to serious Stinger issues and a real threat of paralysis.

After rumors came to light on our friends over at Eleven Warriors Blake Thomas father made a statement on their thread and here is what he had to say…

Unfortunately this is true. Blake has had several severe ‘stingers’ over the past year and when we had a thorough MRI and some other tests done after last Saturdays scrimmage – in which he played very well I might add – they revealed a condition in his neck that is causing nerve damage. With every hit he risks the chance of paralysis in one or both arms. The doctors on the OSU staff – who are absolutely outstanding – told Blake that they could not let him continue due to the high risk. He was/is devastated. He loves his teammates, coaches and OSU. Although he won’t be on the field he will be with his teammates in spirit. Go Bucs!

Obviously this is more sad and unfortunate news and we at MotSaG wish nothing but the best for Blake and his family as they deal with this injury and he gets healthy. Hopefully he will be able to play again but if not this kid will always be a Buckeye.

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