2 Buckeyes Careers over?

As we all know by now sports related injuries happen and sometimes they can end a career before it can even get started. Today we have word that two players careers are likely over due to injuries.

Per Ari Wasserman of Buckeye Sports Bulletin..

also from Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch..

Jamie Wood has suffered with injury issues for a while now and his career has been rumored to be over before. Adam Griffin is much more unexpected. He is a fan favorite and as a legacy of possibly the greatest Buckeye Family ever his loss will not go unnoticed. We wish the best for both these young men and a speedy recovery.


  1. Thats a shame about griffin, he came up big in numerous games last year probably our best special teams player


  1. […] had their career as a Buckeye football player come to an end. Earlier this week we reported that Adam Griffin and Jamie Wood have had career ending […]

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