MotSaG Reader’s Digest for August 11, 2013

4star_recruit_iconOSU LogoOSU FootballThe MotSaG Reader’s Digest is just that — a quick glance at the past week of content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray. This will give you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the course of the week. This isn’t everything we posted this week, so we always encourage everyone to subscribe to our feed, sign up for email alerts or simply check the website on a regular basis.


Jeremiah and Dylan (two of the newest Crystal Ballers at 247Sports) broke down the remaining targets for the 2014 recruiting class and tried to predict who would end up a Buckeye and who wouldn’t. It’s a well researched post and definitely worth your time for the read.

Dylan spoke with 2014 WR Johnnie Dixon and 2015 QB Brandon Wimbush

Jeremiah was able to chat with 2015 LB Adonis Thomas, 2015 RB Chris Warren, and 2015 CB Jamel Dean

Chris K took a look at Jahlil Okafor, the excellent center out of Illinois, a consensus top prospect and a target being pursued by Thad Matta.


Camp opened
this week, which means we’ll get to see honest-to-goodness real news about the football team, not just bad news (well, except for this bad news). But before we get to that, we also had opportunity to celebrate a former Buckeye Footballer as Cris Carter was rightfully inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ronnie looked at the possibility of a rather interesting defensive formation that Ohio State may deploy to counter the spread attack, the 3-2-6.

The package allows defenses to put more defensive backs on the field to deal with a multitude of athletes in passing situations. It also puts more speed on the field for the defense.

Jason’s post on Depth Perception asks the question, “how do we objectively determine which conference is the best?”

It seems like we shouldn’t have to even discuss this, but after the allegations against Johnny Manziel, every top tier program made sure they came clean with anything that involved their star players and anything that even had the look of impropriety. Everyone, be cool: Braxton Miller is in the clear.

Coming up

The rest of the Best of the B1G, #5 through the coveted #1. We’ll also start looking at positional previews of the team for the upcoming season as we slowly approach kick off, less than three weeks away.

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