Predictions to finish out the 2014 class

Curtis Samuel- Curtis Samuel is a 6’0″ 185 lbs 5 star Athlete from Brooklyn, New York. He runs a legit 4.36 40 yard dash and projects to play WR/RB hybrid if he comes to Ohio State.

247sports ranking– 5 star and 25th best prospect in the country.
Scout ranking- 4 star and the 145th best prospect in the country.
Rivals ranking- 4 star and 116th best prospect in the country.
ESPN ranking- 4 star and the 3rd best prospect in New York.

SYR- I think he will be a Buckeye sooner rather than later. I imagine it will happen when he comes back to OSU for a game and brings his family with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens even sooner.

Dylan-I see him being a buckeye once he brings his mom and rest of his family back for a visit in October, which just so happened to be when he mentioned he wanted to commit.

Prediction and Odds- We believe he is a lock to OSU and 100% chance of becoming a Buckeye.

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Marshon Lattimore- Marshon is a 6″0 175 lbs 4 star athlete from Cleveland, Ohio. He prefers to play db in college but he might just be to good with the ball in his hand to keep him on defense.

247sports ranking- 4 star and the 34th best prospect in the country.
Scout ranking- 4 star and the 35th best prospect in the country.
Rivals ranking- 4 star and 45th best prospect in the country.
ESPN ranking- 4 star and the 51st best prospect in the country.

SYR- I have a sneaky suspicion that he is already a silent commit to OSU and is just enjoying the process. I don’t worry about Glenville kids because 9.9 out of 10 times they will end up at OSU.

Dylan- He is from Glenville and has an OSU offer, this usually works out in our favor. I think he will inform the staff he wants to be a Buckeye before it goes public and he will enjoy the process and commit publicly to OSU near signing day.

Prediction and Odds- We strongly believe he will sign with OSu in February. Odds = 99%.

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Erick Smith- Erick is a 6’2″ 190 lbs 4 star Safety from Cleveland, Ohio. he is strictly a Safety at this point and with both safeties from this year graduating it is a position of need.

247sports Ranking- 4 star and 13th best player in Ohio.
Scout Ranking- 4 star and the 113th best player in the country.
Rivals Ranking- 4 star and 198th best player in the country.
ESPN Ranking- 4 star and 231st best player in the country.

SYR- I don’t know how to feel about this kid. My gut says he will be a Buckeye but my head says there is a numbers issue. I will stick with my gut and say he is a Buckeye.

Dylan- I know he is from Glenville and he is a solid prospect, I don’t get feeling this situation is quite as simple as it appears. I think it is similar to Chris Worley from last year who put Buckeye fans in wait and see mode the whole recruiting process. I am reluctant to say he will be a Buckeye and I think he eventually will commit, but I don’t hear anything saying he won’t be a Buckeye.

Prediction and Odds- Erick will be a late addition to the class. Odds = 80%

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Thomas Holley- Thomas Holley is a 5 star 6’4″ 285 lbs 5 star Defensive Tackle from Brooklyn, New York. Thomas is a higher ranked Big Hank but also not as “Big” and is more athletic. That says a lot because Big Hank was a great athlete.

247sports Ranking- 5 star and the 28th best recruit in the country.
Scout Ranking– 4 star and the 136th best prospect in the country.
Rivals Ranking– 4 star and the 84th best prospect in the country.
ESPN Ranking– 4 star and the 86th best prospect in the country.

SYR- This seems to be coming down to a race between OSU and PSU. I am hearing OSU is leading so I will give them a slight advantage in landing Holley.

Dylan- From what I am hearing the staff feels good about our position with him. I see him as a Buckeye, I think Thomas will wait it out and enjoy the process, but in the end I feel Urban pulls this one out and steals him. I think it is between us and PSU.When doesn’t Urban win these battles?

Prediction and Odds- Thomas Holley is a push at best possibly slightly in favor for OSU. Odds = 51%

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Raekwon Mcmillan- Raekwon McMillan is 6’3″ 240 lbs 5 star Linebacker from Hinesville, Georgia. Raekwon is the real deal and the top target on OSUs board and has been for over a year. Urban Meyer is going all in to land this skilled player.

247sports Ranking- 5 star and the 15th best player in the country.
Scout Ranking– 4 star and 42nd best recruit in the country.
Rivals Ranking– 5 star and the 17th best recruit in the country.
ESPN Ranking– 5 star and the 14th best player in the country.

SYR- I feel strongly that Raekwon has been and will be a Buckeye commit. I think distance is the one thing he is nervous about but I don’t think that will stop him from becoming a Buckeye.

Dylan- I feel really good about this one as well, he has been the number one recruit on our board at the biggest position of need. Distance is the only reason I can see him not being a Buckeye.

Prediction and Odds- Raekwon is a strong Buckeye lean and will end up choosing OSU. Odds = 95%

You click on this link to see Raekwon McMillan Highlights…

Damian Prince/Chad Mavety/Alex Bookser/Brian Wallace-

Too many to link all of their rankings so here they are in a nutshell… Prince is a 5 star… Mavety is a high 4 star… Bookser and Wallace are 3 stars.

SYR-I have a feeling that OSU will take 2 more OLmen in this class Damian Prince and Chad Mavety is who I would take.

Dylan- I see us ending the class with two more offensive lineman and I predict those two to be Damian Prince and Chad Maverty. Ohio State has been recruiting Damian the longest and I feel its going to pay off. Watch out for the Hometown team in Maryland tho. Also based off the interview we had on Chad last week Urban is personally taking over his recruitment.

Prediction and Odds- Prediction Damian Prince for sure the others not so much. Prince 85%, Mavety 50%, Bookser 10%, and Wallace 5%.

Mike Gesicki- Mike Gesicki is a 6’5″ 235 lbs 3 star TE from Manahawkin, New Jersey. Mike is a big kid who would play in the H-Back TE/WR hybrid player. Clearly 247sports likes him much better then any other site by a mile.

247sports Ranking– 4 star and the 180th best recruit in the country.
Scout Ranking– 3 star and the 16th best TE in the country.
Rivals Ranking– 3 star and 15th best prospect in New Jersey.
ESPN Ranking– 3 star and 39th best prospect in New Jersey.

SYR- I have never felt like OSU would take a TE this year and I am still not feeling like they will.

Dylan- I feel with the recent commitment of Malik Hooker we just won’t have enough room for Mike which is a shame. However due to the fact Mike plays a position we are already loaded at we just won’t have any room.

Prediction and Odds- Gesicki goes to Rutgers. Odds = 15%

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Noah Brown-Noah Brown is a 6’2″ 212 lbs 4 star wide receiver/athlete from Sparta, New Jersey. Noah is a big strong physical wide reciever who would be perfect for the X position in our receiving core.

247sports Ranking– he is listed as the # 201 player in the country
Scout Ranking
Rivals Ranking
ESPN Ranking

SYR- Just a few days ago I thought this kid was a Buckeye Lock. Then as quickly as he said he was ready to commit he changed his mind and will now take other visits. That usually translates to he tried to commit but wasn’t allowed. I don’t know for sure this happened but that’s what the signs are pointing to and the rumors. So I don’t think there is anyway he will a Buckeye any longer.

Dylan- I could not have been more confident in a player becoming a Buckeye less than a week ago. Out of no where he decides to take visits which I did not get the feeling he was even considering taking more visits. I don’t have him in the class anymore.

Prediction and Odds- We feel Noah will be a Buckeye very soon. Odds = 50%

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Braxton Berrios-

247sports Ranking
Scout Ranking
Rivals Ranking
ESPN Ranking

SYR- This offer while not surprising is somewhat risky. His size is very small but his talent is HUGE. This is one of those guys that I can’t get a good read on yet.

Dylan- I feel that Braxton may wait a little to long and get left out of the class if his offer is even commitbale

Prediction and Odds- Feels like a Miami lean to me. Odds = 30%

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Out of these 10 guys Ohio State will maybe have room for 5-7 tops. Now to figure out who will fill those spots and when will they drop for OSU.

SYR- So how do I think we will finish out this class? I think we will end up with Raekwon McMillan, Curtis Samuel, Chad Mavety, Marshon Lattimore, Erick Smith, Thomas Holley, and Damian Prince. I know this is more than we have room for by a lot right now so I am probably wrong with some of these. There are always surprise commits as well. But as of right now today this is my thought process. How we get all of these guys into the class is beyond me right now so stay tuned to see if we can or do take these guys. By all means though make your predictions in the comments section and show us how good you are as well.

Dylan- I feel really confident in a few of my picks and a few might just be sure hope and me trusting Coach Meyer. I feel we end up with Marshon Lattimore, Eric Smith, Raekwon mcmillan, Curtis Samuel, Daminan Prince, Thomas Holley and Chad Mavety. I also feel there is a good chance a player or two comes out of nowhere and commits and that maybe a current commit does not stick with his OSU pledge. With a few top notch players visiting during the season we might hold off on a few players who try to commit.


  1. Chewy5394 says

    I agree with most but I think Gesicki gets in and Prince goes elsewhere.

  2. Any thoughts on our current verbals who “flip” to another school? Hope it doesn’t happen but in today’s recruiting world, a possibility.

    • Hey JT, thanks for stopping by…. A couple of names to watch already are Lonnie Johnson who needs to have a good year in the classroom to qualify. Also Marcelys Jones is a name I would watch his is constantly mentioned in rumors of flipping to other schools. Nothing concrete yet on either of them or anyone else but those 2 guys stick out the most right now.

    • Yup i agree with Lonnie possibly not being in this class has some work to do this year be meet the requirements


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