More “Black Stripes” lost- *Updated*

OSU Football

OSU Football

When Urban Meyer took over the job as Ohio State head coaching job he brought with him some pretty cool new traditions. Like Friday Night Live and The Quick Cals. My favorite new tradition has to be the “black Stripes” that every new Freshman gets at the beginning of summer camp that they will keep until the coaches think they have done enough to earn the removal of that Black Stripe. The removal of the Black Stripe signifies the young Freshman has become a full fledged member of the team. Think of it as a bar mitzvah moment for the young Buckeye signaling they have become a real Buckeye in the eyes of the coaches.

The race to become the first Freshman to have their Black Stripe removed is intense and for fans a good game to play during the off-season. This years winner was Walk-On WR Joe Ramstetter. Who certainly shocked all the fans who most never even heard of.

The next 2 guys to have their Black Stripes removed were Offensive star WR/RB Dontre Wilson and Defensive star LB Mike Mitchell. Those were probably the 2 guys most people thought would lose theirs first but 2nd and 3rd is nothing to slouch at.

The only thing left now for the rest of the Freshman class is to make sure they aren’t the last Freshman to lose their Black Stripe. Hopefully there isn’t a game out there yet by Buckeye fans predicting who that will be. FWIW though I would put my money on TE Marcus Baugh whose arrest may have made him the last to have it removed and in Urbans dog house.


A new day means more Black Stripes are gone. In what has become just as much a rite of passage as getting the Black Stripes removed the race to get it done as soon as possible means just as much.

The 2 newest Freshman to lose their Black Stripes are Ezekiel Elliott and Joey Bosa as was reported by Zeke’s mother Dawn Ezekiel @itz_mizdee.

Today August 16th 2 more Freshman lost their Black Stripes…

*Updated* 8-17-13

*Updated* 8-19-13

*Updated* 8-20-13

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