MotSaG chat with Demetrius Knox

Demetrius Knox is a highly rated offensive guard out of the 2014 class. Demetrius is ranked number 1 in his position by Rivals. He is also rated a 94 by 247 Sports and was given a 82 from ESPN. Knox is 6’4 and 296 pounds. Knox was once committed to Texas but decommitted. He plays strong and is a force. It was a great opportunity to interview him and he has a very bright future.


Andrew: How has the recruiting process been?

Demetrius: It has been a huge headache. It is a very tough decision.

Andrew: What schools have been showing the most interest?

Demetrius: Ohio State, TCU, Florida, Florida State and Miami.

Andrew: How was your visit to Ohio State? What did you like about the school?

Demetrius: I liked everything! Great coaches, great facilities and great education!

Andrew: What coaches did you talk to and what did they tell you?

Demetrius: I talked to almost all of them. They told me that they have seen all of my film and I am their number one2014 OL target.

Andrew: What officials are scheduled?

Demetrius: Ohio state vs. Penn State, UCLA vs. CAL, Florida vs. Florida State, Florida State vs. Maryland and Miami after the season.

Andrew: What do you look for in a program?

Demetrius: I look for a place that I’d love to be at and can call home. Also a winning program with great academics.

Andrew: Is there an estimate when you plan on committing?

Demetrius: I will commit whenever it feels right.

Andrew: How would you describe your game?

Demetrius: I know it sounds funny but finesse. I am very technical. I wouldn’t say that I am powerful, its just that I know where and how to place my body.

Andrew: What do you plan on improving before you play in college?

Demetrius: Everything! You can never stop improving.

Andrew: What do you enjoy doing off of the field?

Demetrius: I am a chill kind of guy. Sitting back playing video games with some friends and listening to music is the life!

Andrew: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Demetrius: Yeah, I don’t know why but some people think my offers from UCLA and Ohio State aren’t committable. They are!

A huge positive for Ohio State fans is that Demetrius has been posting pictures relating to Ohio State. For example he posted a picture of an Ohio State he got on July 21st. Also, on July 23rd he posted a customized picture of him with the Buckeye stadium behind him. Ohio State is highly recruiting him so a commit from Demetrius would be a huge catch for the Buckeyes. I am excited to follow Demetrius through the recruiting process. below you can see his Highlights.


  1. I dont say this lightly… He is the best and biggest and most important target left on the OSU board. There are guys ranked higher but this one is a must get without a doubt.


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