The Best of the B1G, #25 Andrew Norwell

b1g_icon(We’re counting down the best twenty five players going in to the 2013 season from the B1G. We start things off with Ohio State’s Andrew Norwell and we’ll post a new player everyday for the next five weeks. On Saturday’s we’ll discuss how we did with our rankings for the week.)

Left guard Andrew Norwell comes in as our 25th player overall. I know what your thinking, typical the guard position isn’t the sexiest of picks, but you’d be dead wrong:

Andrew Norwell

Andrew Norwell

The Big Show

The Big Show

Have you ever seen Norwell and The Big Show in the same place, at the same time?

Didn’t think so.

Norwell is as steady as she goes and pretty much the definition of consistency on an offensive line loaded with talent and experience. Norwell anchored a Buckeye running game that finished an impressive 10th in the nation last year. Norwell has 25 starts in his career, 20 of which came at left guard. He’s played more snaps last year than any other Buckeye, playing 862 snaps. Norwell played 98.8% of the offensive snaps last year as well and that lead the team.

The Big Show is the type of player that is extremely important to the team and his worth can rarely be measured. He is the type of player that will rarely be mentioned and that is typically a good thing when it comes to guards. You won’t hear his name called on many holding penalties (cough, cough Marcus Hall) and you won’t here his name called on many false start penalties (cough, cough J.B. Shugarts):


The 6’6, 310lb guard has not cut his hair since 2010 as he believes his hair is the source of his power. Big Ten defensive tackles have been working tirelessly to find a way to remove Norwells power and find a way into the Buckeye backfield:

Could they have found it?


  1. Appropriate that we start with Norwell, as he was just named on the Lombardi Trophy watch list. A good guard is hard to quantify because when they’re doing their job, you don’t notice them. Like ever. Only when they screw up repeatedly do you notice they actually exist.

    Norwell’s hair is reaching Samson-levels, too. Let’s hope he avoids and Delilahs.

  2. Big Ugly redefined for sure….


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