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Camp Announcement: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of Buckeye Nation. We have the official date for the start of camp for Buckeyes Football. That’s right the start of camp is around the corner and before you know it football season will be upon us. Thanks to our friends at for tweeting out the date.

Its your Birthday: Happy Belated Birthday (yesterday) to Urban Myer and Happy Birthday to Thad Matta (today)

History: Are you interested in knowing where or how the Ohio/Michigan beef started? Check out our friends at The Buckeye Battle Cry. Jason has an awesome article written up on it, I suggest you read it and become informed.

This Buckeye’s not Buying: Bleacher Reportis running a story about freshman quarterback J.T.Barrett. Seems this young Buckeye tweeted out the he will not be buying EA’s NCAA ’14 due to it having a former maize and blue player on the cover. So nice to see that this rivalry just keeps going all year not just on the field.

Gee stays on campus: Ohio State University announced they will be spending $190,000 on a new office for Gordon Gee. His new office will be a renovation project inside Page Hall that will create a suite for Gee and an assistant. They project which has been approved is to start August 1st and is expected to be finalized by late September to early October. Cue the haters in 3…2…1…

Horseshoe Damage: The cold front that moved through Ohio yesterday caused a lot of damage. MotSaG has learned from 10TV in Columbus that the scoreboard was damaged. The scoreboard, was just installed last year, lost on of the columns. Engineers were said to already surveying the damage. Thankfully no one was injured.

MY OPINION: I would like to close out today’s short but sweet post with something I need to get off of my chest. In one of my recent posts of Three Yards and a Cloud of Links the Holiday Edition, I wrote about a writer/radio personality from Tennessee named Clay Travis. I have only read two of his articles since his website joined up with I talked about these two articles and how it was unprofessional on his part to make up allegations about Urban Meyer. I know I’m new to the game of writing about anything let alone sports.

Sometime in the middle of August Fox Sports is going to be starting a new sports channel called Fox Sports 1 to compete with that four letter sports network. In doing this they are also changing up their College Pregame show guessing to be like that other sports channel. I as well as probably many Buckeye fans were hoping for something different to watch, something with integrity, something that reported on the sports and wasn’t biased.

Well I am sorry Buckeye fans it seems that even Fox Sports lacks integrity. It is my opinion (and only mine) that Fox is trying to do the same thing as that four letter network. You see it was just announced that a writer who can make up fictitious accusations in order to promote web hits and not have to show any facts of his ignorance will be getting a promotion. Yes Fox Sports is hiring Clay Travis to join their college pregame show. Now I normally don’t care who hires who or does what but this really frosts me.

What happened to hiring honest people, folks with integrity? This move sickens me that the whole point of his hiring is just to create ratings aka your version of Mark May but worse. I don’t care that this guy doesn’t like Ohio State or Urban Meyer. I do care that he is so embedded into the SEC culture that he will only be biased towards that conference. I do care that he was fictitious in his allegations and nothing is being done about that.

Thank You to Fox Sports for letting me down before the launch of your new network that I won’t be watching just like the four letter network.

Well Buckeye Nation until next time.


  1. We all know the Gee haters will bring the heat on his office project but I don’t really care he is still an employee of OSU and will still be an integral part of the University’s success.

  2. People just want something to grip about especially when it comes to the Buckeyes. Gee did more good for the university than outsiders understand. It saddened me that most of the controversy came from people like Rick Petino. Seriously because of a joke about not trusting priests was more offensive than having a mistress and paying for her abortion. Hypocrisy

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