Three Yards and a Cloud of Links (Holiday Edition)

Happy Birthday America!!!!

What a great country we live in. I know we can debate the politics and some people feel this and that about our country.

We aren’t going to talk all that this is my column and my thoughts

I’m hoping while you are reading this that you are getting ready to fire up the grill, hanging with family and friends and enjoying a beautiful day. Enjoy the fireworks maybe a couple of adult beverages (don’t mind if I do).

One of the things that makes this country so great is Freedom of Speech. It is a corner stone of the foundation of America. I know, some people are like, “what is he talking about people lose their jobs if they say things on social media sites. They might lose sponsors if they are famous enough to endorse products.” You have to understand these business’ have a right to protect their identity, beliefs and such. None of these folks have gone to jail over it. Why? Because they have the Freedom of Speech.

Now this isn’t more true than what has transpired the last day or two from Clay Travis. Mr. Travis writes for Outkick the Coverage who just recently joined forces with In his first article for Fox Sports he decides what a perfect time to go after Urban Meyer. OK, not a bad plan, the whole SEC fan base is going to read this (or have someone read it to them) so there’s a bunch of hits and Buckeye Nation will be all over this. My first article is going to generate so much traffic Fox Sports is going to be proud of me.

Travis’s article on Tuesday says that Coach Meyer turned in his former staff and school, University of Florida, for recruiting violations. Now my opinion is that if you see a violation no matter who, where, or what it is needs reporting. This sends Twitter a buzz yesterday morning Florida fans calling Urban the Devil, scUM fans jumping on the bandwagon cause, well, let’s face it the Buckeyes are more interesting than those wolverines.

It comes out later from Pat Dooley, that Urban Meyer texts him informing him he didn’t turn them in but the compliance office of Ohio State did and later informing him of alleged violation and their actions. Also later on there was news that this whole ordeal was brought on by something that was posted on website. The Buckeyes compliance department came across this info and contacted the NCAA about a possible secondary violation of “bumping”. The NCAA investigates and finds no wrong doing. Should be case closed.

Nope seeing how this all revolved around a recruit that both Ohio State and Florida were after and the recruit decided that he wasn’t interested in Florida anymore that Meyer was to blame. I mean how dare a recruit decide to drop Florida and pick OSU as one of his final three. Word was after this info came out Travis doesn’t believe any of it he knows Urban turned them in.

Whew, fun morning, should get back to work oh wait, what Travis is up to something else? Oh the fire must be dying down need web hits bring the Buckeye Nation back.

Clay Travis comes out with a new article, even better (accusation-wise) than the first. To some up the article Urban Meyer was responsible for Aaron Hernandez and what he is currently going through. He alleges that Florida coaching staff covered possible violent  offenses Hernandez may have had during his time as a Gator under Coach Meyer (including possibly a murder).

Now with what he said I am not going to bother with his allegations because I wasn’t there nor have I properly investigated them (neither has he). I find it amazing that a reporter or blogger or radio personality that he may be can just throw out crazy accusations without a shred of proof. He says because Coach Meyer won’t talk on the subject proves his guilt.

Urban’s afraid of telling a lie and getting caught in it.

Some of his article has been repeated as far as the 2007 murder investigation. But to fly off and say whelp Urban Meyer covered it all it his fault without a shred of evidence is immoral and unethical.

I’m sorry, I can’t believe what you say because even in your first article you were wrong. I know I’m a Buckeye fan. I’m going to stick up for Coach Meyer, but am I going to believe everything he says? No. I have been burned by Jim Tressel and my belief he could do no wrong until the evidence came out. Mr. Travis do you have any evidence that Urban Meyer covered for Aaron as you allege?

Here is my point, you can write anything up stir up a fan base get people talking about you because we have Freedom of Speech here in America. I don’t agree with what Clay is putting out there but he has that right. He’s no going to be put in jail, he’s not being censored.

No words for this moron’s post.

Well funny thing Gator Nation, you guys didn’t seem to mind the all the negativity that was going on your campus while Urban Meyer was winning you Two National Championships. Now you want to bring up his character and how many of his players were arrested. If he was guilty of Hernandez he must be guilty of how Tim Tebow turned out. Wait what No. Tebow is responsible for the Two National Championships not Meyer OK I understand.

I am going to leave you with the final thought that everyone in the nation has been telling the City of Cleveland. You know the one that is supposedly not over a certain person who took his talents to South Beach but a four letter network and print media keeps bringing up and talking about his return.

Get Over It



  1. Here is to hoping Urban Meyer continues to give them reasons to hate him… the more successful he is the more people will hate him.

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