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Draft Results

The 2013 draft has come and gone and for the most part it went off with few surprises at least as far as the Buckeyes are concerned. Of the 9 Buckeyes who declared only three were drafted. Jonathan Hankins went in the second round to the Giants, John Simon went in the fourth to the Ravens, and Reid Fragel went in the seventh to the Bengals.

Recruiting ahoy, quarterbacks edition!

The big news of the week is that the Buckeyes offered two scholarships to Kyle Allen and shortly after offered one to Brandon Harris. Both of them are rated 4* by The interesting thing about these is that Kyle Allen is not the typical dual-thread style QB we’ve come to expect from Urban Meyer. There’s no doubt Allen has the skills to be a great college quarterback but it will be interesting to see how Meyer might use him if things progress that far.

Another dual threat QB was offered a scholarship today, Zach Darlington out of Florida.

Kyle Allen highlights

Meyer weary of playoff format

Urban Meyer is somewhat apprehensive of the new playoff system believing it could lead to a snowball effect where are more and more teams are added to it. “I think it’s great. I’m not complaining, and I hope we can get involved in it. I hope Ohio State is good enough,” Meyer said. “But then they’re going to want to go to eight teams, and then, ‘Let’s go 64.’ And you can’t do that with major college football. So I just worry where it stops.” Personally, I think that’s sort of a flimsy argument. College football is never going to be like basketball, that’s just logistically not going to happen. With the current deals in place we’re locked into 4 teams for the next 12 years I believe. Let’s let this play off for a little bit before we start worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

NCAA bans hashtags on the field

#good #annoying #  #thishasgottostop

Jim Tressel and Maurice Clarrett, together again at last



Jim Tressel participated in a charity basketball game with Maurice Clarrett and his Charity Comeback Project. Tressel said about being asked to participate, ““It’s one of the blessings about growing up in Ohio, and I’m sure everyone has pride in where they grew up,” Tressel said. “Our good folks never forget about one another, and they invest their most valuable things, which is their time to help their communities.”


  1. That’s Trent Richardson in the bottom pic with Tressel… Not Clarett

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