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College Football Playoff name revealed

The long awaited playoff in college football is becoming a reality as conference commissioners have decided on the name of the new playoff game. What name would they settle on? Something inspirational, something captivating, something… memorable? Nope. It will be called, “The College Football Playoff”. Voting has been opened up at the aptly named website where you can vote on the logo from four equally uninspired designs. Truly democracy at its most boring.

Steve Rohlik named new OSU hockey coach

Rohlik brings 16 years of experience as a DI coach including the last three as associate head coach in Columbus. Before becoming a Buckeye he was a part of the Minnesota Duluth team for ten years including 2 tournament appearances as well as a trip to the Frozen Four.

Jonathan Hankins looks forward to the draft

Hankins, who was once a top twenty draft prospect has seen his stock go down over the last week. Now, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper has him as a top sixteen prospect… In the second round. Despite that, Hankins has kept his confidence up. Kiper pointed out that Hankins’ production was not as good this year as last. Says Hankins, “When they ask me about that (drop-off in production), I tell them we went undefeated as a team in 2012 and I was a big part of that,”

Reid Fragel confident in his NFL future

Coming off his private workout with the Bengals last week, Reid Fragel said it was ‘Awesome’ and that they said he improved his draft stock with the team. The former tight end has only been playing tackle for a year but despite that he is extremely confident in his skills. “This whole time, not to sound cocky, but I was confident in my ability to become an NFL tackle,” Fragel said. “That’s been a one-year project, and a credit to the coaches I’ve worked with.” Currently Fragel is ranked the 14th tackle and the 147th overall pick.

Jamarco Jones gets visit from OSU

In the never ending world of college football recruitment, the Buckeyes are making strides after one of their most important prospects. It looks like Meyer is bringing the house when it comes to Jones, going after the offensive tackle from Illinois hard. Jones just tweeted out 3 hours ago that he had spoken with Urban Meyer himself. Rivals gives Jones a 4 star rating and his position is one of the most important OSU needs to shore up going forward.


  1. Really disappointed one of logos isn’t just “College Football Playoff” in black Helvetica Bold on a white background.

  2. So I know everyone has killed the league commissioners on the name of the playoffs (and believe me, I think they’re lame, too), but honestly, I’d love to hear some other ideas.

    I mean, the basketball tournament is called… The NCAA Tournament. Sure, it’s been giving the nickname of “March Madness” but still, it’s a tournament. Played by teams that are part of the NCAA. College Football Playoffs, as a name, is pretty descriptive.

    • I’m not really that disappointed. It’s really probably the right name. I thought they’d go with College Football Championship, but really that’s as “flashy” a name as I would endorse.

      The strategy here is actually pretty sound. The official name is bland and uninspiring, which means someone at some point is going to come with a nickname that everyone loves and it will stick, a la “March Madness.” This is waaaaaaaaay better than the commissioners trying to do that for us, because when they name things we end up with “Atlantic and Coastal,” “Legends and Leaders,” and “Bowl Championship Series.”

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