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HERE’S THE DEAL, I’M THE BEST THERE IS. I MEAN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, I PISS SPIRALS. So last week at Ohio State’s Pro Day for NFL scouts, Troy Smith was there to play a little catch with Jake Stoneburner. As always is the case anytime Troy Smith and the NFL, the Browns get mentioned. As much as I love Troy, I wonder if his days have come and gone. If it wasn’t for that freak sickness the year the Ravens drafted Flacco, things might have been different. Oh well.

But asked if he could still sling it in the NFL, Troy Smith still exudes confidence:

Troy Smith said he always has been able to “roll out of bed and throw spirals, what can I say,” but today the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner rolled out of retirement for a while and put on a passing show during Ohio State’s pro day.

He’s still got it.

I BELIEVE THE PROPER RESPONSE IS “BRING IT, DON’T SING IT”: Curtis Grant, doing a Q&A with was asked about the status of the defense that has to replace a number of starters from the 2012 squad. He says:

“We’re coming, that’s all they need to know. The defense is coming together and we’re going to keep working hard.”

We want to believe. Now we need to see.

BEANIE UNLEASHED: Per the man himself, Chris “Beanie” Wells has been released by the Arizona Cardinals:

For all the NFL scouts out there in our readership, there’s a reason why we dubbed Beanie’s Stiff-arm the “Stiff Arm of Justice“. Do the right thing.

ALL-EVERYTHINGS: Deshaun Thomas was named to the Sporting News’ Second Team All-American squad. Deshaun Thomas and Aaron Craft were named to the All-Big Ten Team by the media (Craft was bumped for Hardaway Jr. by the coaches which: LOL). Victor Oladipo edged out Aaron Craft as the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. I guess I can’t argue with that, but I’d still rather have Aaron Craft over Oladipo or Burke (the Big Ten Player of the Year).

My eyes have seen the Glory of the Craft.

ALSO: Vote in the Big Ten Networks Dunks of the Year Bracket.


  1. Wait… why wouldn’t all the dunks be Sam Thompson?

    • That is a valid question. The fact that only one of them is Thompson’s is egregious. I mean, sure OSU gets the lion’s share of the attention from the media, but that’s only because OSU is the lion.

      Thompson had at least 5 dunks that could have been on that list. At least.

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