Michigan Open Thread

We’re doing something we haven’t done in a while here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray — an open thread during an Ohio State sporting event. But we thought that the magnitude of this game required that we have a place to post thoughts during the game. If you’re still interested in joining others in the live in-game chats, the Buckeye Battle Cry should have one posted shortly.

Before the game, here are a few links to get your lathered up for a great game. You can read a variety of game previews, including ours, 11W’s, and OHD’s. There has been rumors swirling since last night that John Simon may not be available for today’s game against Michigan (he’ll be a game-time decision). That’s pretty much the worst news ever but the depth at defensive line will just have to step up their games.

Update: Possible reason for Simon’s absence?:

Pretty much anything goes in the open thread but we ask that you keep it civil, clean (no excessive vulgarity) and no links to inappropriate/illegal stuffs. You know the drill. Let’s all be cool, we’re all Buckeyes around here. (Please note that management reserves the right to delete and ban any comments/commenters that can’t behave with extreme prejudice.)

Update: End of the first quarter: OSU 10 UM 7

Update: After serious mental breakdowns and poor tackling, Ohio State trails Michigan by one point at the half: OSU 20 UM 21


  1. Less than five minutes…

  2. This is not good for my heart health

  3. Tears are flowing…….. NATIONAL CHAMPS

  4. sportsMonkey says


  5. sportsMonkey says

    Just rewound it again. Hoke stormed off field without handshake? What, was there a buffet waiting in the locker room?

  6. Congratulation to Buckeye’s, we will never know how great your Bucks could have been, a mystery for the ages even if we know they would only be 50-50 in SEC they are champs in the peewee B1G, hats off to them playing without heman Simon and with QB Braxton, the heisman wantabe who not knowin’ much other than the handoff. Have nice holiday watchin the SEC complete their dominance this season.

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