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We’re doing something we haven’t done in a while here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray — an open thread during an Ohio State sporting event. But we thought that the magnitude of this game required that we have a place to post thoughts during the game. If you’re still interested in joining others in the live in-game chats, the Buckeye Battle Cry should have one posted shortly.

Before the game, here are a few links to get your lathered up for a great game. You can read a variety of game previews, including ours, 11W’s, and OHD’s. There has been rumors swirling since last night that John Simon may not be available for today’s game against Michigan (he’ll be a game-time decision). That’s pretty much the worst news ever but the depth at defensive line will just have to step up their games.

Update: Possible reason for Simon’s absence?:

Pretty much anything goes in the open thread but we ask that you keep it civil, clean (no excessive vulgarity) and no links to inappropriate/illegal stuffs. You know the drill. Let’s all be cool, we’re all Buckeyes around here. (Please note that management reserves the right to delete and ban any comments/commenters that can’t behave with extreme prejudice.)

Update: End of the first quarter: OSU 10 UM 7

Update: After serious mental breakdowns and poor tackling, Ohio State trails Michigan by one point at the half: OSU 20 UM 21


  1. Watching the game from a B-Dubs in Orlando, but wanted to chime in and say hello. GoBucks.

  2. sportsMonkey says

    Every time I get nervous about today I remind myself that last year’s “worst OSU team in history” almost beat this same UM team…


  4. Miller to Smith ALL DAY LONG

  5. WOOHOO Nice Drive baby

  6. sportsMonkey says

    We haven’t done that all year!

  7. got to make that tackle Bennett

  8. sportsMonkey says

    Simon makes that tackle. It’d be 2nd and 20 on the 25.

  9. Awesome play by Washington of the Adolphus nature

  10. Miller holding his elbow not good…

  11. sportsMonkey says

    The disturbing thing is that it clearly hurt worse as he made it back to the bench. Hope Guiton is loosening up.

  12. UGH

  13. sportsMonkey says

    OSU reverting to bad tackling again. Bad sign.

  14. Watching the game with a TTUN fan is literally the most painful thing I have ever done in my life. Pulling all my teeth would be more fun.

  15. Miller looks fine….

  16. Too many mental mistakes right now.

  17. Braxton should have run on that 3rd and 11 had a huge hole and only one guy 10 yards back to beat.

  18. sportsMonkey says

    Jim Tressel just fainted when he heard that was just Basil’s 7th FG attempt in 12 games.

  19. sportsMonkey says

    Agreed SYR. One juke and he’s in the end zone.

  20. A Coach Coombs sighting!

  21. sportsMonkey says

    OSU doing its best to give this game away. Too many mistakes and way too sloppy.

  22. Congrats, Michigan, that one was on the house.

  23. sportsMonkey says

    This is not the Braxton we know. 🙁


  25. that is so clearly a facemask it isnt even funny “EFF THE REF”

  26. I want Hyde to get his thousand.

  27. Hyde running the ball with a lot of power

  28. Great game so far…. this is what THE GAME is suppose to be like

  29. sportsMonkey says

    Love me some Brax, but for this game I’m rooting for Hyde to avenge Biakabatuka. Lets have 200 yards in second half!!

  30. Text from my brother-in-law “I don’t care who he plays for, I never liked him” (talking about Denard Robinson)

  31. sportsMonkey says


  32. sportsMonkey says

    Miller 11/13 for 156 yards. One of those incompletes was a throwaway. On pace for an 85%, 300 yard game against the nation’s #1 passing D.

    This game will be decided by 2nd half mistakes. UM cannot beat OSU unless the Buckeyes hand it to them via penalties and sloppy tackling.

  33. The guy speaking for the Orlando branch of the alumni association might be the most annoying person ever. But it’s a miracle we are only down one, considering.


  35. Is Bradley Roby a proctologist? He was definitely checking Denard for polyps.

  36. How do I add a picture to my name like you cool guys?

  37. That is a manly 4th down stop

  38. Now it’s time for Michigan’s mental breakdowns

  39. horrible last few plays

  40. sportsMonkey says

    Ugh. Unable to score any points after two UM fumbles.

  41. CRAMP

  42. 4 fingers on one hand directly in the air 1 finger on the other hand pointed directly at Tony…..

  43. sportsMonkey says

    The game “feels” like the next team to score will win. One TD should do it.

  44. It’s getting awfully quiet around here. Everyone sitting on their hands.

  45. I don’t think a FG is going to be enough.

  46. I am going to PUKE seriously….. this is more stressful then the 2002 NCG

  47. sportsMonkey says

    Terrible goal line play calling this game. What is wrong with “just give it to Hyde?”

  48. sportsMonkey says

    Starting to allow myself to get excited…!!

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