Blogpoll – Week 11

Week 11 and we are down to 2 undefeated teams. Ohio State and Notre Dame oh how that would be an awesome BCS NCG but alas it cant and wont be. Are these the 2 best teams in the country? If winning games matters more then anything else then I say 100% they are. If would haves or should ofs or could ofs mean something more then winning then maybe you have a different opinion. These 2 teams though have done something that 122 other Div 1 teams have not so far this season WON EVERY GAME THEY PLAYED. That matters and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fan of one of the other 122 schools who didn’t do that so difficult and yet so simple rule of winning them all.

If Ohio State is the only unbeaten team left after all the games are played then they deserve a fair shot at the AP title. They will have done something no one else did this year and that matters. If Notre Dame wins out and wins the BCS national championship game and the AP gives them their title as well so be it they deserved it just as much as OSU did.

There you have it one week left for OSU to make its pitch for an AP title and it is a biggie against a team they hate from that state up north.


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