Blogpoll – Week 11

Bama lost so there is that. Notre Dame and Kansas St. looked pedestrian. Oregon was Oregon. Ohio State was on a BYE.

Everyone outside of SEC footprint wants to see a NCG with no SEC team in it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and they will try to say they want the best 2 teams in the game but deep down they just don’t want the SEC to have even a chance to win a 7th straight. The problem is with a few weeks left the odds that KSU and Oregon and ND all finish undefeated and keeping out an SEC team from leap frogging them is slim at best. Heck if some of these voters have a chance they will vote a one loss SEC team over an undefeated team (see the AP poll).

I wanted to rank Texas A&M over Bama but then I would have to rank LSU over A&M which would mean I had to rank LSU over BAMA which is just stupid. See this is how difficult it is to rank teams late in the year. So I stuck to the most part of just ranking by wins and losses at least at the top where ranking really matter.

Lastly, I was very close to ranking OSU no. 1 and if they manage to look impressive at Wisconsin this week I wouldn’t be surprised if I were you to see me rank OSU no. 1 next week.

Let me know your thoughts and or complaints.


  1. I actually think it’s more likely that all three will finish unbeaten than not. KSU has Baylor and Texas. Texas will be the home finale and there’s no CCG, which is now looking like a brilliant move for the B12.

    Notre Dame has Wake Forest and at USC. The Trojans will definitely be up for that game, but they were up for Stanford and Oregon too. Who have they beaten that’s any good? And now there’s all the Fire Kiffin chatter as added distraction.

    Oregon has Stanford and Oregon State, then UCLA or a rematch with USC in the CCG. This is probably the toughest road for any of them, but Oregon is easily the best team of the three, and better than anyone they’ll play. It would have to be a complete breakdown on offense for them to lose.

    Bama’s BCS stock is actually going to drop while they play Western Carolina and Auburn before facing Georgia or Florida in the CCG. By the way, Bama’s East opponents this year were Missouri and Tennessee, who are both pretty terrible. It’s no longer a slam dunk that they even win the SEC.

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