Blogpoll – Week 10

Bama and Notre Dame survived close games. Oregon won in a shoot out. Kansas St. lost its Heisman candidate QB in the 3rd Qtr. Ohio St. Blew out a horrible Illinois team. That is how your top 5 teams did yesterday. Notre Dame looked like a bad team for most of their game versus a really bad Pitt team in South Bend no less. So I dropped them. Ohio State has a bye this week to get healthy and get ready for their two toughest games this year on the road at Wisconsin and at home against Michigan.

I won’t lie I don’t want to see an SEC team in the NCG. I am just like every other non-SEC team fan I want their reign to end. I would love to see what a game between Oregon and Notre Dame would look like or Oregon and Bama. Just to see what great offense vs great defense would look like.


  1. Still I could name 6 SEC teams that it’s fairly obvious would be undefeated in B1G play and anyone of em would lay a beaten on the Buckeyes.

  2. @Archie- Since I know you are a Bama fan I will let your blissful ignorance slide. There is no need to get into a What If argument as neither side can prove their point. You can believe what ever you like but it doesn’t make it true.

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