Blogpoll – Week 7

Man I swear it gets harder and harder to rank teams the longer the season goes on. I am sticking with my theory for the time being and rewarding winning over who can beat who in a hypothetical situation. As teams lose the whole thing fixes itself.

As of right now we are at 12 undefeated teams left. Of those only 4 teams actually have a chance to get to the BCS title if it were held today. Bama, Oregon, Florida, and Notre Dame. Of the other 8 teams you have OSU (not eligible) 3 Big East teams (not good enough) 1 MAC team (Ohio who wont be ranked high enough to get an at large bid). You also have Kansas St., Oregon St., and Miss St. all of which will have a chance to prove they belong in the discussion with tough games still to play.

One loss teams are plentiful. They will need a lot of help to have any shot at the BCS title and if they aren’t in the SEC or Big 12 or the Pac 12 they can kiss their shot goodbye.

I struggle most deciding where to rank Ohio St. I am a homer for sure but I don’t want to be a blind homer. I think they could score on just about anybody but defensively they are decimated with injuries and lack of depth.They just keep winning though and that’s all that matters.

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