Blogpoll – Week 5

On the cusp by Conference.

ACC – Miami Fl. and Duke
B12 – Texas Tech
Big East – None
B1G – Purdue and Minnesota
Conf . USA- None
Independant – None
MAC – None
Mtn. West – None
Pac 12 – Stanford, Az. St., and UCLA
SEC – Texas A&M
Subelt – None
WAC – La Tech and UTSA

The longer the season goes the more difficult it becomes to do these polls. Each and every week now things fluctuate as teams win and lose. Teams will start playing tougher competition and proving either they belong or don’t in the top 25.

Time for me to explain myself again. I want to start with the NON-BCS conference teams first. The thing about them is it is so hard for them to get ranked unless they play and beat really good BCS AQ schools. The only other way to do it is to win every game like Ohio has. As the season progresses though you may see a team like Boise St. join the rankings again but it will depend on them winning out and other teams losing two or more games. Same with a lot of other teams that aren’t AQ schools.

Top team right now is surely Alabama. no? They aren’t very exciting but top to bottom they are the best team by a mile this year. That’s not to say they can’t or won’t lose a game or even two (it is college football and that will happen eventually).

Who is the next best team right now is a toss up. It could really be any of the undefeated teams left as all of them have glaring weaknesses and strengths. As the season progresses eventually things will play out until then it is all a guessing game and a mess.


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