Blogpoll- Week 2

This CFB season is 2 weeks old and already we have chaos in the rankings. The top 5 teams are probably going to remain the top 5 all season long but within that top 5 you will see some movement every week as teams play well and not so well. Outside the top 5 is where the chaos seems to exist. Traditionally good teams are not so good and traditionally bad teams are pretty good. You will see a lot of movement this week in the teams outside the top 5. So here goes this weeks version of the blogpoll.

So this week we saw four teams fall out of the top 25. Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma St. All 4 teams were thoroughly embarrassed by teams thought to be much less talented. We learned Wisconsin is not very good at all they can’t even run the ball well right now. Nebraska missed Rex Burkhead but their defense is horrific. Ok St. is, well, Ok St. Arkansas though is mind boggling until you realize they are coached now by John L Smith and then it makes perfect sense. In going with our theme that teams that lose wont be ranked until they earn it all dropped out of the top 25 but will have plenty of time to earn their spot back. Also of note I just realized the Big Ten only has 2 ranked teams left right now lets hope the B1G can turn things around with 2 OOC games left to prove the B1G doesnt’t suck because right now they SUCK really badly. Until next week this is where we stand.

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