2012 BlogPoll – Week One

No one really likes these early season polls but we will do our best to put it out for all to criticize. Having said that though here is our best (completely unbiased) attempt to write one up.

What a great first weekend of football. Bama proved they belong at the top with a dominating performance. Michigan proved they shouldn’t have sold a home game against a MAC team to go get embarrassed on National TV in Dallas ever again. Boise St. lost to a BCS school taking them out of the BCS talk already. Ohio State showed they can run Urban’s offense with a high powered defense. It is so difficult to rank teams early in the year because almost all of them play cupcakes. Teams who lose will fall out but will be able to play themselves back into the rankings over the coming weeks. Can’t wait to see how the poll will look after this weeks games.


  1. So two thoughts I had after I posted this: Is Texas ranked too low and should we have ranked Ohio instead of, say, Stanford or KSU?

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