Football Moment Bracket Round One Voting Ending Soon

Around the time the Buckeyes tip-off for their Sweet Sixteen match-up against Cinicinatti, we’ll be kicking off the second round of the Football Moment Bracket. So before then, here’s the rundown one more time in case you haven’t had a chance to vote:

#1 Braxton’s TD Throw (Wisc) vs. #16 Bauserman’s TD Run (Akron)
#2 Braxton’s 81 YD Run (Indiana) vs. #15 Will Hagerup’s Botched Snap (Michigan)
#3 Goal Line Stand (PSU) vs. #14 Carlos Hyde’s TD Run (Nebraska)
#4 Evan Spencer’s One Handed Grab (Akron) vs. #13 Stoneburner’s TD Catch (Nebraska)
#5 Posey’s One Handed Catch (PSU) vs. #12 Stoneburner’s One Handed Catch (Toledo)
#6 Braxton’s TD Run (Michigan) vs. #11 Shazier’s Punt Block (Wisc)
#7 Braxton’s TD Throw (Purdue) vs. #10 Boom’s Long Run (Wisc)
#8 Urban Meyer Announced as Head Coach vs. #9 Braxton to Posey TD (Michigan)


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