Football Moment Bracket (Round One): #2 Braxton’s 81 YD Run (Indiana) vs. #15 Will Hagerup’s Botched Snap (Michigan)

Round One: #2 Seed Braxton Miller’s 81 yard run against Indiana vs. #15 Seed Will Hagerup’s Botched Snap.

The botched snap probably would have been seeded higher if it had been the difference in the game against Michigan. (It’s already the greatest animated GIF and will probably win the SB Nation GIF bracket going away. But here it’s just a 15-seed.) At the time, it looked like this single play was going to turn the tide, shift the momentum Ohio State’s way and send thousands of Michigan fans home after yet another loss to Ohio State. Instead, it was just another heated play in the heated rival.

Braxton’s 81 yard run, however, was much more than that.

#2 Braxton’s 81 YD Run (Indiana)


#15 Will Hagerup’s Botched Snap (Michigan)

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