BlogPoll Ballot Week #12

This week I completely scrapped last week’s ranking. I discussed this heavily with SYR and this is what we’ve come up with. There will be questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. What’s the rationalization for the order of the top 5?

  2. @Jason – I’ll let SYR chime in here, too, but our overarching reasoning was that, in our opinion, the Big 12 is the strongest conference this year. We’re here to dispel the ESPN perpetrated SEC superiority myth.

    We also think that OkSt’s average of over 50 points a game supersedes LSU’s stout defense. LSU does have impressive wins over Oregon and Alabama, but also struggled against Miss. State. While I’m a defensive guy, offense wins out here.

    Following our theme that the B12 is the strongest conference, OU gets #3. They can claim victories over three Top 11 teams (at the time they played them).

    The Oregon/Bama positions could be flip-flopped without much disagreement. Both lost to LSU but in my opinion, Oregon “lost better.” They actually scored TDs against LSU, something Alabama can’t claim.

  3. I would actually make an argument for the B1G for stongest conference, since the top teams of each division have all mostly played each other (hence the “worse” records) as opposed to the SEC, where the top 3 West teams haven’t (and won’t) play the top 2 East teams until two of them meet for the championship.

    As for the Big 12, there’s nothing of value there outside of the state of Oklahoma and OK State is just lucky they play OU last. I’m not sure what’s impressive about beating an unranked-quality team before everyone realized they weren’t good, but OU is a decent team so I won’t get too upset about it.

    My vote:

    1. LSU
    2. Oregon
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Boise State
    5. Oklahoma

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