BlogPoll Ballot Week #11


  1. Both Oregon and Alabama lost to LSU…

    LSU crushed Oregon and squeaked by Alabama in OT.

    How is Oregon ranked higher than Alabama?

  2. Oregon scored 27 points against LSU. Alabama couldn’t even muster a touchdown.

  3. Alabama played LSU WAY loser than Oregon played LSU.

    And if Alabama’s kicker could hit the broad side of a barn….Alabama wins the game…

  4. This is the BlogPoll of the Century….. sincerely ESPN

  5. I don’t have a problem with Oregon being one spot above Bama for now. It can’t JUST be about a common opponent played months apart, unless you think Virginia should be ranked ahead of Ohio State.

  6. I don’ think Virginia should be ranked ahead of OSU simply because when OSU played Miami, OSU was a totally different team.

    When LSU played Oregon, they were also a totally different team and still won the game rather easily.

    If it’s not going to be about common opponents…what else would it be based on?

  7. Certainly common opponents should be taken into account but, as you point out, teams change. Is Oregon now the same as Oregon in their first game of the season, which was also a huge road trip? No team is exactly the same from one week to the next.

    I think Oregon’s performance against Stanford will be the most significant evidence to evaluate them on. If they win, even by a little, I would put them ahead of Alabama.

  8. This just shows how worthless these polls are…

    There should never be subjectivity involved when it comes to crowning a champion.

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