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Well it’s back to this.

It might be hard to believe but there is still a lot going on in Buckeyeland that doesn’t involve the basketball team crushing lesser teams and getting ready for a Final Four run. It includes Buckeye football.

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye? Let’s start off on a really good foot. Kirk Herbstreit. Poor Kirk Herbstreit. For some of us here at MotSaG, Kirk is still a Buckeye and for that is respected and loved. Others of us have given him the heave-ho, the final nails in the coffin being his naming the names of the Tat-5 during an ESPN bowl broadcast and the other being his indefensible final AP ballot. But we all believe that we would never do anything to the point of making him so uncomfortable in his own hometown that he would uproot his family and move OUT OF STATE. But that’s exactly what happened, and that’s a shame.

I also wonder if Tennessee fans will still be welcoming him after he makes some unkind remarks about their beloved Volunteers. Time will tell.

But, if your in the market for a multi-million dollar home, a couple just recently came available. One is Kirk’s and the other is Buckeye Hero Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson’s.

I’m sorry, so sorry People seem to think Jim Tressel owes them an apology and are looking for contrition from him during this scandal and they have been impatiently waiting for him to say he’s sorry. Happy, people?

Everybody does it It seems quaint at this point, but I was following this story about HBO doing a documentary/expose on what goes on in the dark recesses of college football recruiting. I first saw this when Ramzy tweeted a link to this story about Stanley McClover, a highly coveted DE recruit and Ohio State commit that strangely de-committed to Ohio State and switched his commitment to Auburn. That led to this revelation:

Specifically: former Auburn defensive end Stanley McClover allegedly has admitted that he received cash payments to attend Auburn and that the payments continued during his playing career on the Plains.

(more can be read here)

At this point it’s a rather tenuous position to try to take the higher ground as an Ohio State fan on any topic related to following the rules, but this tangentially involves Jim Tressel and is therefore relevant..

Oh yeah, and there was this, too.

In addition to these SEC scandals that may soon be brought to light, another area of interest going forward is going to be these 7-on-7 camps. Thayer Evans of Fox Sports has been writing up a storm about this topic and should be required reading. This is going to be big.

Just for fun Finally, we direct you to this post we put up shortly after Ohio State’s loss to Florida in the 2006 National Championship game. We kindly direct your attention to Jay’s comment.

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  1. Paul Dubuc says

    Columbus isn’t Herbstreit’s hometown, Centerville is. Buckeyes Herby, Hawk, Mangold, Nugent, Pat Thomas, and Dave Morill. Andy Harmon (CHS Class of 87, Kent State) started between HOFers Reggie White and Clyde Simmons for three NFL seasons. Some respect.

    My theory is that our obnoxious fan base is the result of Bengals/Browns decade-long suckfest. If either team was even remotely good ever, OSU would become 50% less rabid.

  2. @Paul – duly noted. I refer to Columbus being his hometown as in he’s lived here for quite some time now, but I should have used the word “home” instead of “hometown.” I would never disparage the great city of Centerville.

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