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Blog/site newsOkay, fans and fellow blog-brethren. In the interest of engaging in therapeutic self deprecation, and to give the trolls cramming our boards something constructive to do, we’re hosting another contest.

For this photo, tell us what these guys are saying to each other, or write a good caption:


Post your input to the comments section.


  1. Hey, you’re not Tiger Woods!

    Hey, you’re not Joe Frazier!

  2. (Not the same Andy as above)

    Nice game Leak – I wish I had your coaching staff…

  3. I’ll chime in…

    “When I choked out there, it felt like this…”

  4. -Good game Troy.

    -Haha..funny little man, this is not Troy, this is Jinx.


    -Yes Jinx, the Heisman Jinx himself, I strike again. Good Game. I’ll be back next year to infiltrate another Heisman winner.

    -alright well…good Game Jinx….

  5. threadogie says

    Troy~ (Still reelin’ from his Heisman Hangover) “Whatsup dog…Don’t we have a game to play?”

    Chris~ “weesss already done made ya our Gator bitch boy”

  6. Troy~ “Now that you won the BCS championship what are you going to do?

    Chris~ “I’m going to Disney World!!”

  7. Chris – Hey Troy, we wooped your @$$ tonight
    Troy – Hey Chris, good luck in the CFL

  8. Oh, snap. Jay wins the internets!

  9. “Hey Chris, man you got to try In-N-Out Burger, it’s da bomb! Just don’t eat ’em before you play.”

  10. Troy to Chris, I,m glad that I only had to face that defense once and not everyday in practice like you did.

  11. Troy-“hey Chris, good luck in the CFL…”

    Chris-“you too man”

  12. “Heh, they totally thought I sucked tonight! We pulled it off!”

    “Yeah, thanks man.”

    “Remember, your girl needs to be in my room by midnight, or I come clean with the whole thing. And that check had better clear.”

  13. Troy: “After having my hands own my own neck all night, maybe I’ll show you how it feels.”


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