In case you missed it

(“In case you missed it” is our semi-regular posting of Ohio State news and other content that we think you would find interesting (since we did))

– You probably already read this, but we are posting it for posterity’s sake and as a show of our agreement and support for the growing anti-Herbstreit movement: Herbie the Impaler from Ramzy Nasrallah of Bucknuts and Twitter fame.

– Another thing that you already knew but must be linked for completeness sake – Tate Forcier has left Michigan for greener pastures. While his announcement is ripe for mocking, we will observe the proper amount of mourning before making light of the situation. Also: that is one weird family.

– Overworked from pushing away Razorback linemen like they were so many bothersome gnats, Cameron Heyward had to have surgery to repair a hyper-extended elbow. We have the technology…

– There are eight NFL hopefuls in the year’s senior class. I think most of them will be drafted and hope to see Cameron Heyward go in the first round.

– Jamel Turner – The once future Buckeye has had a somewhat tragic trajectory since committing to Ohio State but things are looking up for Turner, including a long shot at returning to Ohio State. Godspeed.

– Finally, this may have little interest to most readers, but those of you (us) that are fellow bloggers or Twitterers that have encountered the occasional dissenting opinion on a blog post or tweet will get a kick out of Jeff Pearlman tracking down a commenter who had some not-so-nice things to say about an article Jeff wrote about Jeff Bagwell.

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