Suspended Buckeyes ask for Forgiveness (In Case you Missed it)

(Sheesh, you try to take a little break from the blog and the Buckeyes and Twitter and the Blogosphere blow up around Christmas Time with a rumor that Tressel is stepping down and the whole world melts down. Just days after the allegations of improper benefits turn out to be true. Now we’ve seen the brief apology by the five players involved and that’s where we stand.)

Every time I’ve had a discussion with a fellow Buckeye fan about college athletes in trouble (Reggie Bush, Cam Newton, [insert your personal favorite]) the conversation always come to the same conclusion: “Let’s be honest , I think we all know that this is going on in all major college programs around the country.” Secretly we all hope it’s not happening with our team but even more secretly, we figure something has to be going on.

Something at Iowa happens (and keeps happening) and the thought is phew, glad that’s not our team.

And then this happens.

The truth comes out. Five players broke the rules but more importantly lost a lot of respect and love of Buckeye fans everywhere. By selling their gold pants and other championship hardware, they ignored tradition and pride and sold their Buckeye Souls. Whether their circumstances or situation demanded it, most saw this as a slap in Brutus’ face.

And now they have come before Buckeye Nation, repentant and humbled.

Some fans were unmoved by these apologies but I think they should be taken at face value. They appeared to be sincere and can we really say otherwise?

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