2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #14 (Draft)

In a bold move (not that it matters), I have ranked Wisconsin over TCU for this week’s BlogPoll ballot. My reasoning is this: At this point in the season, I propose that Wisconsin is the better team. Yes, they have a loss. It was to a Top 10 team in Michigan State. But they’ve looked unstoppable since. Wisconsin has a win over a Top 5 team (Ohio State) and has absolutely decimated the competition since, averaging 67 points per game while giving up 23.7 over their last three games. TCU, on the other hand, doesn’t really have a marque victory to point to. Baylor is meh and victories over Oregon State and Utah don’t look as impressive as they did when they happened.

If things stand as they are, though, this won’t matter as they will most likely meet in the Rose Bowl and they can duke it out then.

Past that, I feel pretty good how this looks but I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. Please let me know in the comments.

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