2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #13 (Draft)

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  1. Odd that Penn State gets a vote, but Iowa doesn’t, even though they have the same record and Iowa crushed PSU 24-3…

    But um… wow: the Knights of Central Florida? Was that just an <insert leader of Conference USA somewhere> vote?

    Finally, this is nitpicky, but IMO if you’re giving Northern Illinois some attention you should do same or more for Ohio. Both leading the MAC, and the only difference is that Ohio had to play the Buckeyes…

  2. monkey – spots 20-25 always give me heartburn. I don’t have a logical explanation for Penn State. I guess they manhandled Indiana while Iowa almost lost to them? That Iowa almost lost that one and could be 6-5 right now? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll replace them with Ohio?

    Who would you replace UCF with?

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