2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #10 (Draft)


  1. You’re killing me with your Bama love.
    Nebraska actually played a team (your #6 Missouri) and won & you move them up 1. Same ammount that you moved the Buckeyes for gutting the 1 win Gophers. How do you explain that?
    Beat a good team, up 1.
    Crush a bad team, up 1.
    Survive your bye week, up 3.
    You do realize that BYE is not a school right?
    It’s not BYU, SMU, TCU, or UAB. It was a non-game. If you want to count it as a game however, realize that Wisconsin got thru it as well. Or did they not do it in as dominating a fashion?
    P.S. Oklahoma up 6 for beating a 3 win Colorado?? I gotta go.

  2. @cj – that’s why I post these drafts. I like having these discussions. I know I haven’t been following my own resume ranking rules for this week. This was put together hastily while I watching The Walking Dead. So let’s discuss.

    You’re absolutely right about Nebraska. They should be higher. Are they better than Wisconsin or Bama? Maybe. I may have Bama a little too high. Let’s say we flip Bama and Nebraska. I still think Alabama is a top 10 team.

    I also hold Oklahoma in high regard, but you’re right that moving up 6 slots is quite a bit. Are they #11?

  3. I’d say # 11 is good. OSU at #6, Neb. at #7.(Buckeye’s loss to Wisky better than Neb’s loss to Tx.) Wisconsin at #8 & Bama at #9(No rewards for a bye, these guys win this week and OSU will drop down) Mizzou at #10, Ok. at #11, and Sparty at #12.
    What say you?

  4. I wasn’t able to update my ballot for this week (real life got in the way), but this will be the starting point for next week’s.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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