2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #7 (Draft)

This feels mostly good, but my gut feels tied in knots about ranking a one-loss team (at this point) over an undefeated team, but I just don’t know what to do with Alabama.

It also feels really weird ranking Michigan State that high. But where else would the be slotted? Below Bama and/or Utah?


  1. In our Blog Poll we are suppose to be different than those who just reward based on history and guesses.

    If this is the case than South Carolina has earned the right to be ranked above Bama.

  2. Hate to say it but if you’re still resume ranking then Auburn should probably be ahead of Boise/TCU/Neb. Boise because LOL Boise, TCU and Nebraska because their best victories were against Oregon State, which isn’t even ranked in the coaches’ poll anymore. At least Auburn beat South Carolina.

    If you _aren’t_ resume ranking, then Nebraska is probably the best “overall” team of any of those three, and should be #3.

    Michigan St. is better than L(ol)SU, which needed Tennessee to play with 15 guys on defense to stay undefeated. Don’t underestimate MSU – yet, anyway.

    Finally, I wonder if Oklahoma may be a bit low…

  3. @SYR – You are right, I really intended SC to be higher than Bama. I will rectify that situation and will probably flip-flop their spots.

    @sM – Resume still has the highest weight for me, so Auburn is coming on strong (especailly because of their SC victory) but Kansas State was no pushover and Nebraska handled them with ease while Auburn needed a last minute FG to beat Kentucky.

    Still not sure about Oklahoma. They did manhandle FSU, who looked pretty solid against Miami.

  4. I’d lower Boise State, but that’s only because I’m bitter at the pummeling of my hometown team. I just haven’t had a chance to watch anyone else play this season to offer anything constructive here.

  5. FWIW…ESPN is projecting that when the BCS standing come out next week that #1 OSU will actually be ranked #5 in the country:


    1. Boise
    2. Oregon
    3. TCU
    4. Oklahoma
    5. Ohio State

    Why is anyone okay with a computer selecting the “best” teams in the country?

  6. @ Johnny- because in the end as the season goes on they tend to work itself out. Lots of folks are upset about the rankings but I dont see why. They are useless right now. We just need to win out and we will be there…… or we wont and we will get to play an easier team and finish undefeated and get screwed 😉 but I dont see that happening.

  7. They are useless just about every year…IMO.

    Football should be played and settled on the field, not by a CPU and a gaggle of biased coaches and such.

  8. eK – Not to be one of those d-bag “RTA” internet commenters, but the article says “this is what the BCS standings would look like if they came out today, this is not an indication of what they will look like several weeks from now.” The projections don’t even include hypothetical results from this coming Saturday’s games…

    It’s ridiculous, anyway – the computers change week to week, and the top and bottom ones are discarded when calculating. So there’s absolutely no way of knowing what the computers are going to say next Sunday.

    At any rate, there’s nothing to worry about. OSU is #1 in two of the three slots and the computers are averaging out at #6 (OSU being punished for Eastern Michigan and Miami’s loss). However, at least three OSU opponents will win this weekend, and so long as they beat Wisco, they should be #1 or #2 in the BCS next week, and if not, they will be if they keep winning.

    I love imagining all the possibilies, though. What if OSU loses to Wisco this weekend and MSU makes it to the Rose? Could be OSU/Bama in the Sugar.

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