2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #2 (Final)

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

Men of the Scarlet and Gray Ballot – Week 2

Rank Team Delta
1 Boise St. Broncos Arrow_up 2
2 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_up 6
3 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_down -2
4 Ohio St. Buckeyes Arrow_down -2
5 Oregon Ducks Arrow_up 7
6 LSU Tigers Arrow_up 17
7 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_up 4
8 Iowa Hawkeyes Arrow_up 1
9 Miami Hurricanes Arrow_up 1
10 Utah Utes
11 Texas Longhorns Arrow_down -5
12 Florida Gators Arrow_down -8
13 Wisconsin Badgers
14 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
15 Georgia Bulldogs
16 Florida St. Seminoles Arrow_up 2
17 BYU Cougars Arrow_down -2
18 Oklahoma Sooners Arrow_down -13
19 USC Trojans Arrow_down -3
20 Auburn Tigers Arrow_down -1
21 Penn St. Nittany Lions Arrow_up 1
22 Arkansas Razorbacks
23 South Carolina Gamecocks
24 West Virginia Mountaineers
25 Virginia Tech Hokies Arrow_down -18
Dropouts: Washington Huskies, Navy Midshipmen, Cincinnati Bearcats, Pittsburgh Panthers, Oregon St. Beavers

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  1. Are you mental? Did you even watch the LSU game? They nearly lost to a UNC team that was playing walk-ons and burning redshirts. You just lost all credibility with me.

  2. @Matt – Well, the argument could be made that yes, I am mental. I may even have LSU ranked a little too high right now. But, you said LSU nearly lost. But they did not lose, they really, truly, without a doubt won. That is incontrovertible evidence. You can not refute it. THEY WON.

    I ask you two questions:

    #1 – do you understand what I mean by a “resume ranking”? If not, then don’t proceed to #2. I can’t convince you any further.

    #2 After LSU, I have Nebraska, Iowa and Miami ranked lower. They beat Western Kentucky, Eastern Illinois and FAMU, respectively. Can you honestly say, with real conviction, that any of those three teams are better than UNC?

    If you can, then I’m not sure I can argue with you losing credibility with me.

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