What can you buy for $1.4 million dollars?

If you are the Ohio State Buckeyes the answer is a 1 game series at home with Colorado Buffaloes.

As I reported a few weeks ago Gene Smith AD at tOSU was in talks to get this game for next year to fill a open slot. Rumor was Colorado wanted 2+ mill to come and be a gimme win for the Buckeyes. In the end it looks like Mr. Smith was able to Wal-Mart them down to a decent amount and will give the Bickeyes another quality OOC game against a BCS conference school.

Next years OOC Game schedule

September 3, 2011- Akron at tOSU
September 10, 2011 Toledo at tOSU
September 17, 2011 tOSU at Miami of FL
September 24, 2011 Colorado at tOSU


  1. Seems like a lot to pay for a single game. But OSU sells out every time and the tickets are $69 a piece. So that’s $7 million a game in ticket sales alone.

  2. So what about the rest of the season? Will OCt 15 be the buy weekend then? Am trying to plan a wedding!

  3. @ Steve- Yeah i did a rough estimate of money made by OSU at a home game with tickets and merch and parking and food and I estimate it has to be in the 15+ mill dollar range. There is a reason OSU is one of only 14 schools who made a profit last year and they are the school with the most athletic programs.

    @Jeff- It is official the Oct 15th will be our BYE week next year.

  4. I like it…

    Enough of playing 3 scrubs and 1 really good team.

    Colorado isn’t great, but they are better than whatever MAC team OSU plays.

  5. What would you do with $1.4million?

    Two chics at the same time.

  6. @ SBB- If you find 2 chicks willing to do it for free you can do it in the ‘shoe on the 50 yard line during the game for 1.4 mill 😉

  7. Father Buckeye says

    (I’ve moved Father Buckeye’s comment to the appropriate thread here. – el Kaiser)

  8. Father – I think you meant that comment on the other post, so I’ve moved it.

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