tOSU Buckeyes vs Colorado Buffaloes in 2011?

There seems to be an internet rumor going around that Gene Smith OSU AD is in serious talks with his counterpart at Colorado. Seems there is talk of a game happening next year and that it wil be a home game for OSU. Since it is only being mentioned as a one game series the rumor is Colorado is looking for a 2 million dollar payday for coming into town to get their butts handed to them. Apparently Gene Smith said an official announcement about the game will be made sometime within a month.

Personally I hope it is true. It would be another game vs a BCS conf team even if they are barely a middle of the pack team. They have a good tradition and I know a large fan following. It will help us with recruiting more out west due to them being in the PAC 12 next year. I was just unaware we had an opening in the schedule next year. I am glad to hear rumblings that if they do they arent looking for a MAC school or Div 2 school to fill the void.

Just for clarification I should add I didnt put any links in this to the rumors as that is what they are and I am not 100% sure the rumors are true but definately worthy of discussion on this blog.

I am in favor of this game…… What says you?


  1. I wish they’d do a home and home. Either that or schedule one with Air Force. Mainly because it would be nice to see OSU in person without driving 12 hours (at least) to do so.

    But I’m selfish that way.

  2. I’m with Bacon Ninja here — there are a lot of OSU fans out west and they would most certainly attend a game in their own time zone.

    This should be a home and home, but schedules probably preclude that from happening.

  3. Well it is all over the internet now but I want credit for breaking it before ESPN and the Dispatch lol.

    It sounds like it is a game out of necessity for both schools next year to fill their schedules. Did someone recently back out of a game on us? Seems we should have had a full schedule for 2011 a few years back.

    Having said that if it has to be a one game series then I am glad to have it played in the ‘Shoe.

    If the game is at the ‘Shoe next year the Friday night before the game we will all have dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill…… Buffalo Burgers all around on me!!!!

  4. Seems there is an open date on October 15th next year that is listed as TBA on the Buckeyes website. SO I guess we know when the game will be. There is no open date the following year which explains the 1 and done.

  5. Like many cities in this vast nation of ours, Denver has at least one Buckeye Bar…and rumor has it, it’s insane on Buckeye gamedays.

    I’ve also heard Boulder is a good time for a college football game.

    Would be a good home and home.

  6. I live in Colorado Springs, which has a pretty healthy-sized alumni base as well. They watch games at the local bw3. But, seeing as how OSU is something like 0-30 in games I watch at bw3, I generally prefer to catch them on the ridiculously big screen in my basement. Still, it’d be nice to be able to catch them in person more often than the one time I get home every couple years, know what I mean?

  7. Dear Bacon Ninja,

    I am jealous of you in the following ways:

    1. You live where I want to live.
    2. You have the best internet handle ever created.

  8. Also…Bacon Ninja is never allowed to watch any Buckeye game at any Buffalo Wild Wings on Earth.

  9. yeah you would think after like going 0-15 at BW3 he would stop causing us 15 more losses lol. Bacon Ninja I blame you for the John Cooper losses now lol.


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