2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #Preseason (draft)

It’s that time again, time for the Blogpoll seeds to be planted, the rankings to be given and the vitriol to flow.

I present this mostly without comment. One through eleven seem pretty solid in my mind. I toyed with the idea of putting Ohio State at #1 but (1) that would be total homerism and (2) Alabama is a really good team. The SEC looks to be a little softer this year but their path to Glendale is still going to be tough. If (and when) Boise State beats Virginia Tech, they are going to run the table and throw a gigantic monkey wrench into the BCS and cause wailing and gnashing of teeth. Florida, Oklahoma and Texas all lose multiple-year starters at QB and have the potential to fail with rookies at the helm. Ranking all three this high may be a foolish idea. I think OU is in the best position since Landry Jones started the better part of last season but Garrett Gilbert went through the hellfires of refinement in last years MNC and will be better for it. It doesn’t matter, though, because all of three of those teams are loaded for Oliphaunt and will be just fine. The lone wildcard is TCU. They return 15 starters (8 on offense) and they have some serious competition but they will be competitive all season long. My guess is that nasty defense continues to stymie foes out west and they also make a run at a BCS game. (Otherwise I wouldn’t have them this high).

The rest? Who knows! That’s where you come in — help us straighten this tangle web of nonsense into something redeemable.


  1. Right off the bat I have a hard time ranking Miami Fl above Wisconsin who pounded them last year in their home state on the last game of the year.

    Oklahoma is WAY too high for a what 8-4 team from last year?

    Nobody has Navy ranked but you have them 20th

    I love BYU but they are very young this year and still dont know who their sarting QB will be so way too high.

    Flip Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

    Isnt our poll part of the BCS? If yes we arent allowed to rank USC

    Arkansas deserves to be on here over LSU

    I will prob have more later but those are the ones sticking out the most to me.

  2. I agree with SYR on both points:
    OK at #5 was a total shock – way too high IMO. Texas performed better last year, and has more talent this year (the backup QB almost beat Bama).

    Wisco should absolutely be above Miami – even if one doesn’t consider last January’s 430-total-yd absolute smackdown of Miami in the Citrus Bowl; Wisco still has better talent at all key offensive positions and across the board defensively.

    LSU has enough talent to be the SEC dark horse. IMO they’re either going to crush everyone or completely fold. Might be worth a higher ranking based on the talent alone.

    Kudos to your Navy vote. Ricky Dobbs doesn’t get enough attention – 32 tds last year, NCAA record 26 of them rushing.

    I also wonder if Fla St is too high.

  3. Some retorts:

    A couple things about OU. They lost their #1 TE days before the season started last year. He went 21st in the NFL draft WITHOUT PLAYING A SINGLE DOWN. They lost their QB who went #1. Any other team loses the BEST QB in the country along with one of his top weapons and still goes 8-4 is pretty stacked. Landry Jones and Demarco Murray are going to annihilate the Little 12. Their defense is loaded again. Who is going to beat them? Texas? Not likely. Texas has no running game and I think OU beats them. OSU may face them in the title game.

    This isn’t about last year’s performance alone. I think Miami has a better team than Wisky at this point. Their QB is better and they have a stronger D-line. In the end, Miami may lose more games, but right now I think they get a slight nudge.

    SYR, you’re right about BYU — too high. I’ll drop them down.

    Monkey — FSU is an enigma. They play Oklahoma in week #2 and I could look like a moron either way.

    I will take these into consideration.

  4. I think hands down Nebraska wins the Big 12 this year and plays OSU in the NCG.

    Wisky didnt lose much from last years team and niether did Miami of Fl….. basically the same 2 teams who played 8 months ago and the game wasnt even close. jacory harris would be like the 6th best QB in the Big Ten. Scott Tozien may be the best QB in the Big Ten passing wise.

  5. Some retorts to the retorts:

    After looking @ OU a bit closer… I take my earlier comments back. I still think Texas is a better overall team, it’ll probably come down to whose defense is better. Right now I agree that looks like OU.

    But you’re still wrong on Miami. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously… no way Harris is better than Tolzein. Last year Harris 59%, 17 INTs; Tolzein 64%, 11 INTs… and Tolzein did it in a REAL conference with good defenses, not against the likes of Fla A&M, Duke, and Wake Forest. Harris had more TDs, but that’s only because Miami doesn’t have John Clay in the backfield.

    Across the board offensively, at all key positions: QB, RB, WRs, and TEs – Wisco is superior. The TEs alone combined for more yardage than Miami’s entire offense in the bowl game. Add Wisco’s better O-line, plus their great defense… plus their returning starters…. it seems obvious.

    Are you sure you’re not influenced by the desire for Miami to be an elite team when they visit the Shoe? ๐Ÿ™‚

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