It’s Xbox 360-mas!

Book Cover

Any MotSaG gamers interested in forming an online dynasty?


  1. Seriously did you just post a picture of Tim Tebow on our site?

    I understand the need to promote the game but I threw up in my mouth just a scoosh when I saw it.

    P.S. I will pick up a copy this weekend…. it is getting crazy good reviews.

  2. at least add some innapropriate art of something going into his mouth……

  3. yes lol

  4. Kaiser often times makes ridiculous mistakes such as this…

    In order to correct his error:

    Click here:

  5. Where can I get NCAA ’11 without the Christ-child on it? That’s the only way I’ll ever buy it.

    Of course, the Bama edit would work too…

  6. @BED – I’ve been saying for years that EA needs to do regional covers, the way SI and all the season preview magazines do it. Make a Tebow-child cover for the South, a Thaddeus Maximus cover for us in the Big Ten, etc. When they finally catch on and do that, I’m taking all the credit.

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