New Mancrush incoming?

(NB: This is coming from the blogger who still has Vernon Gholston plastered all over his cube walls.)

The time has come to fill the void. It looks like MotSaG might have a new Mancrush and Posterboy around these parts: #54 Johnny Simon.

Since Mount Vernon’s departure a couple seasons ago, we’ve had to occupy ourselves with the Stiff Arm of Justice and SAoJ 2.0 (which was just fine, thankyouverymuch) but we’ve really needed a new gun show. We even asked the question, “Who’s the next Vernon?” Then I read Tim May’s article about Simon’s devotion to the weightroom with the accompanying OMG BICEPS photo:

The search is over.


  1. He’s lookin’ at you, el Kaiser.

  2. The worse thing is he is super hot. Please keep the pictures out of our wives eyes so they dont join the crush train we are on.

  3. @Ken – now you’re making me uncomfortable.

    Wait, no you’re not.


  1. […] There have been some great articles on Mr. Simon over the past few weeks: Here’s the Columbus Dispatch’s coverage, and our friends at MotSaG have found their new Vernon Gholston level Mancrush. […]

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